juice fast journal: day 2

Day 2 Pond Run

Usually by day 2 of a juice fast  (yes, only day 2), I really struggle with cravings for FOOD! Not this time though, I was entirely content with my juice all day – I’m so excited : )

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virgin mary juice

Virgin Mary_2

I have always hated tomato juice, despite being a bartender for more years and making more bloody mary’s than I care to remember… all with good reviews. Well, always, until March this year when my boyfriend made me a bloody mary on our trip to Puerto Rico. I fell in love!

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juice fast journal: day 1

TT Online Juice Fast August 2013

Tyler Tolman’s online juice fast started on August 1 and I’m totally hooked! As mentioned in my c.a.s.s. juice post last week, I had a day of juice on the official first day but took Friday through Sunday off to go to Osheaga music festival in Montreal… and while I missed my juice, it was totally worth it! A fab three days with great music, great company, and luckily for me, great gluten-free vegan Thai food : )

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c.a.s.s. juice

CASS Juice_2

T minus 3… first day of Tyler Tolman’s online juice fast!  It’s T-3 as I’m starting today but taking Friday – Sunday off because I’m going away for the weekend and music festivals are hardly conducive to juice fasting… they barely let you bring water in with you : )

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‘bucha baby!

First Batch of 'Buch! 1

I have been so excited…  three weeks after hiding my first batch of kombucha in a dark cupboard I can finally unveil it!  In addition to excited, I was very. very nervous. What if I messed up the preparation? What if I didn’t steep the tea for long enough? What if it tasted awful? What if it got contaminated? What if it fell off the shelf… all by itself?!?

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supercharged lemon water

Supercharged Lemon Water

There are three things I recommend to people who eat a SAD diet and complain about feeling sick / bloated / stuffy / generally miserable /  etc…

  1. Start the day with warm lemon water
  2. Make fresh juice every day and / or
  3. Embrace green smoothies

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chocolate superfood smoothie

Chocolate Superfood Smoothie

It appears that I can’t get enough of creating new smoothie concoctions lately! Or, I am simply substituting too many meals with these things ; ) Oh well, there are definitely worse things, right??

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green nectarine smoothie

Nectarine + Grape Smoothie

Yesterday it took me 20oz to decide that I actually liked my smoothie concoction! Today I thought I’d share the details incase you ever find yourself, as I did, with this very ripe, random mix of ingredients. I typically like my green smoothies to have a thick, creamy consistency so this one looked a little thin at first but it’s still yummy, and  although it looks like grass and kinda smells like grass, it tastes like nectarines…

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avocado & crackers

Avocado Crackers

Every time I make avocado on crackers I think about posting a blog on it, then convince myself it’s so simple that it’s not worth the effort.  But I think the time has come to share it anyway as I know it’s always good to have easy inspiration on hand.

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confessions, surgery, and bike commuting

Hardware Removal 2

I started this little discussion on ‘moving’ about six weeks ago and the blog posts have been few and far between – my apologies. Then, by post #3, I realized I have confessions. Already. Blimey!!

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