chunky salsa

Chunky Raw Salsa 2

I just hosted my first wine night, (mostly) raw vegan style… and it went well!  A group of girls in Boston get together once a month, rotating between houses, to drink wine, chat and eat food. My v. good friend Brooke is my link to the group and we are the only crazy raw vegans so there’s usually a lot of cheese. I do think, however, that wine night was a success tonight without it! Phew. Read More

chia seed pudding pots

Chia Seed Pudding Pots

As much as I love preparing food, I love an easy breakfast. During the work week I find this particularly important because I have lemon juice in warm water when I first get up + a fresh juice before I leave the house so don’t really feel like food until I get into work, and am not so much of a morning person that I want to make breakfast from scratch every day! I guess that’s why boxed cereals and milk became so popular right, but don’t get me started on the rubbish they pass off as ‘nutritious’ in the cereal isle :) Read More

vegetable breakfast juice

Breakfast Juice 2

Doing something so noble before I leave the house makes me feel oddly connected to the world… putting something so wonderfully delicious and nutritious into my body and the body of someone I love is a very happy-making thing to do.

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vegan whims and raw food craziness

I’m good at whims. Small whims, large whims… in fact, I can be downright whimsical. And not in a flighty way either, but in a weighty way, one in which I end up changing jobs, and countries (from Australia, to England, to America), and leaving behind friends and family for the next big adventure at the turn of a, well, whim.

Some call it crazy.

So when I decided to transform my diet to ‘raw vegan’ in early 2010 (by which I mean my holistic food intake as opposed to a fad ‘diet’), I was again indulging another (serious) whim. I bought all the gadgets and recipe books, subscribed to dozens of websites and blogs, read a lot about nutrition and the food industry, and started some (sporadic) blogging with the vague mission of inspiring friends and family to incorporate more raw, living foods into their diet.

Then the winter came, and the snow, and the sub-zero degree temperatures, and the somewhat restricted variety of fresh foods, and I went and fell off the raw vegan wagon. Big time. Not only the raw wagon, but the vegan wagon, having succumbed to the totally delicious, time consuming, cheesy vegetarian lasagna I make for my partner – more than once,  which is not a smart idea as I’m lactose intolerant.

Having realized the benefits of six months as a high-raw vegan – the energy boost, the weight loss, the shiny hair, the strong nails, the regular ‘movement’ (sorry, but it’s true) – and now having rediscovered the ordinary feeling that comes from not enough of it (i.e. too much lasagna), I felt that SPRING was a great excuse to detox and start over… ignoring the fact that March in Boston, Massachusetts does in no way signal spring, but merely the potential for the best snow of the season… but that’s another story.

This new found commitment has also been prompted by an increasing number of people being v. curious about it all, asking for more info on what life is like as a raw vegan: what it is, what it means to me, what I have learnt, what I’m reading, the challenges I face and the benefits I experience… the list goes on. In typical repressed Leo fashion, my answer, of course, was a new blog and this time I’m going daily(ish), sharing my discoveries, my experiments and, unashamedly, my confessions.

Might-be-raw foodies, this is for you.

I do humbly acknowledge that you aren’t going to be interested in reading about my daily activities every single day – I’m not vain. But I think about this stuff every day, despite trying not to, so hope that my being honest about the trials and tribulations of this whole adventure is useful. I know I would have liked some more honesty when I started out – so many raw vegans seem so, well, perfect about it all. I’m far from perfect.

PS. I would also love feedback from y’all (I’m learning American ;o); whether it’s a debate, improvements to recipes or general discussion xx