Category: savory (cooked)

spicy kale

  This kale recipe is the business, and I can say this because I didn’t create it, just merely took over the preparation from my flat mate who originally engineered the idea because I’m between jobs at the moment (read unemployed domestic goddess) and the prep… Continue Reading “spicy kale”

spinach and mushroom dip

Yesterday we had some friends over for to watch the football.  It was supposed to be so low key that we were ordering Indian takeout from the great place down the street, but I can’t help myself – I need to have food on… Continue Reading “spinach and mushroom dip”

muhammara middle eastern spread

This Middle Eastern-inspired spread is one of my new favorite recipes, and I have found the perfect gluten-free alternative to breadcrumbs! It’s another yummy recipe from Pure Vegan; a quick and easy, super-tasty spread you can have on any kind of bread as a snack… Continue Reading “muhammara middle eastern spread”

hummus, the freshly cooked bean type

So, this hummus recipe has been set for disaster since I first thought I’d make it… I like hummus but I’m generally not a huge fan of beans (or at least my digestive system isn’t); however, my boyfriend loves hummus  so I originally set… Continue Reading “hummus, the freshly cooked bean type”