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vegan cellulite. yes, really!

Hi Crazies.  I’m sorry, I’m bloody useless, as my Aussie countrymen would say.  My MBA course finished at the end of February and despite many proclamations about blogging more often, I have spent the last month in what I can only describe as post… Continue Reading “vegan cellulite. yes, really!”

juice fast plan: fruity beginnings

I just looked back over my recent posts and realized that my posts have been a bit juice-heavy… perhaps I should create that separate, dedicated juice blog after all?!  I apologize to all of you who think fasting is absolutely bonkers, or are hanging out for… Continue Reading “juice fast plan: fruity beginnings”

juice fast journal: day 7

I made it!! This is the last day of my seven day, Tyler Tolman online juice fast – I can’t really believe it! Firstly, I need to send out a huge thank you to the 1,100-odd members of the Facebook community that provided overwhelming… Continue Reading “juice fast journal: day 7”

juice fast journal: day 6

Well, it’s 7:30am on day 7 but I don’t want to skip any days  in my juice fast journal, so here goes… Yesterday (Saturday) started off fantastically – I had a bit of a sleep in, did my oil pulling, had my lemon water,… Continue Reading “juice fast journal: day 6”

juice fast journal: day 5

Eeek! I was in a bit of a funk today, which was a little extra depressing given the last four days have been so wonderful. However, it’s reassuring to know that the juice fast wasn’t giving me any crazy kind of superpowers that resulted… Continue Reading “juice fast journal: day 5”

juice fast journal: day 4

Well, it’s official… I made it through day 4! My longest juice fast ever. Actually, I think I achieved that last night but tonight it feels more definite. So much happened today I’m not sure where to start, so perhaps in typical journal style,… Continue Reading “juice fast journal: day 4”

juice fast journal: day 3

Well… you really don’t want a photo of my experience today. Let’s just say that I hit the ‘cleanse’ part of this little juice fast and it wasn’t (isn’t) pretty; however healthy it may be. The funny thing is that it caught me totally… Continue Reading “juice fast journal: day 3”

juice fast journal: day 2

Usually by day 2 of a juice fast  (yes, only day 2), I really struggle with cravings for FOOD! Not this time though, I was entirely content with my juice all day – I’m so excited : )

juice fast journal: day 1

Tyler Tolman’s online juice fast started on August 1 and I’m totally hooked! As mentioned in my c.a.s.s. juice post last week, I had a day of juice on the official first day but took Friday through Sunday off to go to Osheaga music… Continue Reading “juice fast journal: day 1”

serious things and small confessions

I said I had some ‘serious things and small confessions’ to share this weekend to explain the lack on communication over the last few days of my juicy week (juice fast), and I have been procrastinating. I’m blaming the hurricane… even though I’ve been… Continue Reading “serious things and small confessions”