juice fast journal: day 6

Drew Canole Juice Recipes from Fitlife

Well, it’s 7:30am on day 7 but I don’t want to skip any days  in my juice fast journal, so here goes…

Yesterday (Saturday) started off fantastically – I had a bit of a sleep in, did my oil pulling, had my lemon water, and created a new Pineapple-Grapefruit juice recipe. I had lots of energy and got a lot done around the house… as much as I should have gone for a run!

We went to a birthday party BBQ in the afternoon and I took two bottles of vegetable juice as my mother emailed me to let me know Tyler Tolman recommends vegetable juices towards the end of the fast to achieve alkalinity. I usually make my own juice concoctions based on what I have in the fridge but the call for more vegetables put me in a bit of a spin and I went online and downloaded Drew Canole‘s Juicing Recipes From Fitlife book to my Kindle – it has a whole section on vegetable juice that look totally amazing.

I’m such a fruit girl (I’m the same with green smoothies). My philosophy is that there’s no point in eating healthy food you don’t like, and liquid vegetables usually fall into that category for me but juice I adapted yesterday was a great start and am excited for more vegetables today.

Anyway, I digress. The BBQ actually wasn’t hard at all – I had two liters of juice and one of water which kept me satisfied and I generally stayed away from the food table. Interestingly though, I had a few moments of reminiscing about steak sandwiches and ribs; not in an ‘I want to eat them again way’ kind of way (gross!), but in a ‘I can feel what that tasted like in my mouth’ kind of way – a weird out-of-body experience. I recognize the BBQ may have also been easier for me than some people on Tyler’s juice fast community spoke about as my friends know I’m a ‘crazy raw vegan’ so there is no ridicule or difficult questions, it’s more just “of course you’re on day 6 of a juice fast”.

I did flake out about 9pm though, felt a bit out of sorts and we went to a late movie which probably wasn’t the smartest idea, but thankfully we splurged and went with the delux cinema so I could recline in the puffy sofas and have a bit of a nap!


  • Weight: 120.8lb – somehow I have lost 5lbs on the fast! On day 5 I weighted myself in the evening, this was from the morning… There definitely is less of me; which isn’t always a good thing but I feel great so not too worried about it.
  • Mental: invigorated – did some work on my blog updating the menus etc., and sorted some stuff out for school.
  • Physical: good during the day, tired early. More importantly (I keep forgetting to mention it), my stomach and digestive system are almost constantly unhappy when I eat food (raw or not), but the juice fast has got rid of all the pain! No bloating, no sharp hunger pains, no discomfort, just happiness – woo hoo!
  • Emotional: fine in the morning, a little run down in line with my 9pm slump.
  • Cravings: none.
  • Skin: just did a few more ‘extractions’ and a clay mask and it’s starting to look noticeably clearer!
  • Eyes: I’m sick of talking about my red eyes!


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