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warm banana chocolate milk

Today was a very long Saturday indeed. School work for my MBA capstone project and house cleaning – pah! Then I got to thinking about all the things in my cupboard that I should be using… mainly chocolate, and I had made some almond… Continue Reading “warm banana chocolate milk”

warm (raw) love street chocolate milk

There’s nothing like the burning desire to procrastinate to get a blog post going! That and a rainy, grey day outside which has somehow managed to infiltrate the windows to create a grey day inside too…

almond milk

I know there are a million recipes out there for almond milk but I am continually upset to hear that people don’t like almond milk because the stuff they buy in stores is too sweet and I just can’t accept that as an excuse!… Continue Reading “almond milk”

strawberry (nut)milkshake

I’ve been dancing around the kitchen to Rave On Buddy Holly (a new release cover album) since early this morning preparing food in advance of the Fourth of July long weekend. I’ve been tasting everything as I go so wasn’t super hungry for breakfast but… Continue Reading “strawberry (nut)milkshake”