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vegan cellulite. yes, really!

Hi Crazies.  I’m sorry, I’m bloody useless, as my Aussie countrymen would say.  My MBA course finished at the end of February and despite many proclamations about blogging more often, I have spent the last month in what I can only describe as post… Continue Reading “vegan cellulite. yes, really!”

chronicles of no-poo

Two weeks ago I, a wash/dry/style-hair-daily, mane-obsessed Leo, went no-poo. That is, I ditched my beloved Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner (and leave-in conditioner, and volumizer, and hair oil, and hair spray) and started using  bicarb soda and apple vinegar. Straight-up. No joke. The purported benefits of no-poo… Continue Reading “chronicles of no-poo”

oil pulling and morning routines

I have been meaning to (and even worse, promising to) write this blog for ages, I’m sorry! I started experimenting with oil pulling back in October and have mentioned it on facebook and a lot of people have asked about it so wanted to… Continue Reading “oil pulling and morning routines”