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and this crazy raw life continues to evolve…

Hi crazies, I hope you’re all doing well. I’m sorry I’ve been away for over two years. The crazyrawvegan blog still gets loads of visits (thank you!) but I have been trying to work out where to take this all as life continues to… Continue Reading “and this crazy raw life continues to evolve…”

blog temporarily under reconstruction

Apologies for any inconvenience! All recipes are still available but might not be in their correct menu but hopefully the changes will make the site easier to navigate. Changes include: New drop-down menus based on raw vegan or cooked vegan recipes Addition of a ‘guide’… Continue Reading “blog temporarily under reconstruction”

vegan cellulite. yes, really!

Hi Crazies.  I’m sorry, I’m bloody useless, as my Aussie countrymen would say.  My MBA course finished at the end of February and despite many proclamations about blogging more often, I have spent the last month in what I can only describe as post… Continue Reading “vegan cellulite. yes, really!”

I heart zimt artisan chocolates

Just like I don’t like to get into the animal rights-politics of a plant-based diet, I get nervous about “The Holidays”.  There just seems to be no winning, however you position it.  So while I have just bought a load of  Zimt Artisan Chocolates… Continue Reading “I heart zimt artisan chocolates”

confessions, surgery, and bike commuting

I started this little discussion on ‘moving’ about six weeks ago and the blog posts have been few and far between – my apologies. Then, by post #3, I realized I have confessions. Already. Blimey!!

blog awards & things you (wish you) didn’t know about me

I must admit I’m new to this viral blogging award business. As a child, I could never understand chain letters (the ones that used to come on the back of real-life postcards with written words if you remember?) but having received two nominations in… Continue Reading “blog awards & things you (wish you) didn’t know about me”

spring time!

The sun is out, birds are chirping, people have smiles on (yes, even in Boston). I’m mostly stuck inside working and/or studying as I have finals this week for macro economics (I have no smiles for that) and a social media / technology course… Continue Reading “spring time!”

get your kale up

    If only everything in life firmed up as quickly and easily as limp kale in ice water ;) It really does work! Sometimes I get home from grocery shopping and don’t feel like prepping my fruit and vegetables as I unpack them,… Continue Reading “get your kale up”

agape cottage – this one’s for the girls

This is a very special post for a very special lady. Sharon Agates has recently created Agape Cottage, ‘a sacred place to reflect, recharge, and recreate’ … a truly magical space for women, located in Brentwood, UK – just outside London.

muffin-tops and skinny jeans

Today I joined the ‘skinny’ jeans club. The one where membership requires you to have a pair (‘that’ pair) of slim-fit jeans that you really love but have to lie down on the bed to pull on, and wiggle (and wiggle) and suck in… Continue Reading “muffin-tops and skinny jeans”