get your kale up




If only everything in life firmed up as quickly and easily as limp kale in ice water ;)

It really does work! Sometimes I get home from grocery shopping and don’t feel like prepping my fruit and vegetables as I unpack them, as I know I should. Most things survive well in the fridge overnight, but kale and some of it’s green leafy cousins get a little limp and sad looking. So instead of chomping on soggy leaves, or worse, throwing them out:

  • Fill a lettuce spinner with cold water and ice cubes, keeping the basket in – for years I thought I didn’t need a lettuce spinner and then I invested in one (actually it’s not the money but the kitchen space that’s the investment), and it has been worth every penny, if only for the kale I save!
  • Roughly tear up kale into bite-size pieces
  • Soak kale in ice water for 5-10 minutes until it gets some life into it
  • Take the basket out and empty the water
  • Spin excess moisture and store kale in the fridge – you’ll get a few more days out of it
    • If I have room, I simply store it in the lettuce spinner with the lid on, otherwise you can use an airtight bag or container

Hail kale!


8 Comments on “get your kale up

  1. Thanks for sharing! This is good to know as I use kale a lot. I’ve been making kale chips like crazy.

    • I haven’t tried spinach Sharon but I can’t imagine it would hurt! I also store bunches of grown-up spinach in a container with a little bit of water in it to cover the stalks so that may help…

    • I’m not sure Sharon – I would imagine if it’s grown-up spinach you could cut the ends off and put them in a little water – perhaps it sucks up the water like celery? I know that works with parsley :)

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