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masticating makes me happy

  CRV: “Did I really just post a comment that said ‘masticating makes me happy’?!? Ooops, yes, I really did ;)” MC: “You can’t overstate the importance of proper mastication! Personally, I think it deserves a blog post…” I love blogging about conversations I… Continue Reading “masticating makes me happy”

guidance for newbie raw foodies

  I just received the most lovely message from a new friend on facebook. He has recently started his raw food journey (exciting!!) and is a fellow bum-wiggler which is also exciting because I truly believe the world needs more happy bum-wiggling! And he likes… Continue Reading “guidance for newbie raw foodies”


I’m back on the crazy train! Two weeks after my new year’s blog about seriously getting back into raw foods based on my new-found wisdom re. how be successfully achieve goals, and my second raw vegan meal plan (my attempt at being ‘organized’), I’m… Continue Reading “80/10/10(crazy)rv?”

shit omnivores say: meat = man??

“So how was the weekend” asks my new manager at work on Monday morning. Me: “Great! We went skiing in Vermont and there was actually some decent snow…” “Did you go out on Saturday night” “Yes, we found this cute little restaurant that had… Continue Reading “shit omnivores say: meat = man??”

shit omnivores say: the P word

Ill-informed omnivore: “Ooooh! Being a vegan is so unhealthy, you won’t get enough protein. Where do you get your protein from?” Well-read vegan: “Do you know what protein actually is? Do you know why we need it? Do you know how much you really… Continue Reading “shit omnivores say: the P word”

raw resolutions

I started my crazy raw vegan adventures in March 2010. I was super-motivated when I started and managed 100% high raw vegan for the first six months… I felt great, I lost 13lb without trying, my troublesome skin started to clear up (a little),… Continue Reading “raw resolutions”

from cheese addict to raw vegan – a true story

A little notice popped up on my personal Facebook page yesterday reminding me that on this day in 2009 my status read: “Sara loves eating brie without a biscuit!”* And it’s true, I did. I ate that stuff by the round. Brie, and rich… Continue Reading “from cheese addict to raw vegan – a true story”

forget joe, i love oscar the juicer

Oscar the Living Juicer is my best friend ever… or at least up there with BlendTec the Blender, Kyocera the Ceramic Knife and Squeezy the Lemon Squeezer! After a week away on vacation (which I will blog about in a foodie context soon), my… Continue Reading “forget joe, i love oscar the juicer”

what the hell is a vitamin regimen??

I have a SAD friend, he eats the Standard American Diet and he’s my friend. He is also my sad friend because he thinks he’s ‘squishy’. He actually goes the the gym a lot and if the arms that are exposed in his t-shirt… Continue Reading “what the hell is a vitamin regimen??”

meat, economics, whole foods and veganism

Oooh, my first challenge! It went down on Facebook something (exactly) like this… TJU: “Still shop at Whole Foods? WF sponsors “top butcher” competition across America! Time to go elsewhere.” {link to Clash of the Cleavers} crazyrawvegan: “I’m not weighing in on the Whole Foods… Continue Reading “meat, economics, whole foods and veganism”