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masticating makes me happy

  CRV: “Did I really just post a comment that said ‘masticating makes me happy’?!? Ooops, yes, I really did ;)” MC: “You can’t overstate the importance of proper mastication! Personally, I think it deserves a blog post…” I love blogging about conversations I… Continue Reading “masticating makes me happy”

peach and kiwi pulp

This drink turned out so much better than the juice I intended it to be… it came out all chunky and smoothie-like and turned out to be a very satisfying breakfast yesterday in lieu of the buckwheat porridge that was a total disaster even though I… Continue Reading “peach and kiwi pulp”

I’m having a juicy week…

I’m tempted to explain my falling of the raw (and yes, even vegan) wagon on my Hawaiian vacation but if I’m being entirely honest it started before that and did not stop on my return to Boston last weekend. I have been eating cooked… Continue Reading “I’m having a juicy week…”

forget joe, i love oscar the juicer

Oscar the Living Juicer is my best friend ever… or at least up there with BlendTec the Blender, Kyocera the Ceramic Knife and Squeezy the Lemon Squeezer! After a week away on vacation (which I will blog about in a foodie context soon), my… Continue Reading “forget joe, i love oscar the juicer”

vegetable breakfast juice

Doing something so noble before I leave the house makes me feel oddly connected to the world… putting something so wonderfully delicious and nutritious into my body and the body of someone I love is a very happy-making thing to do.