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juice fast plan: fruity beginnings

I just looked back over my recent posts and realized that my posts have been a bit juice-heavy… perhaps I should create that separate, dedicated juice blog after all?!  I apologize to all of you who think fasting is absolutely bonkers, or are hanging out for… Continue Reading “juice fast plan: fruity beginnings”

citrus rainbow juice

Morning of day 1 of my October juice fast! Yes, it’s September 30 here in the US but I couldn’t wait; the online juice fast community is based out of Bali so given time differences it’s nice to start with them, and it’s Monday… Continue Reading “citrus rainbow juice”

green blueberry juice

Another juice to start the week! I promise to post a food recipe this week but I really had such a great time on the juice fast (and had to make so many juices) that I have to share : ) This one was… Continue Reading “green blueberry juice”

grapples juice

My boyfriend is on the juice fast wagon!! And I’m back on it too… that’s a longer story for another post though.  We started his day 1 this morning (my day 11) as he has five days before he travels for work again so… Continue Reading “grapples juice”

green energizer juice

On day 6 when I realized I needed more vegetables than fruit to boost my alkalinity I got online and bought Drew Canole’s book Juice Recipes from Fitlife. If you haven’t checked out Drew’s work, I suggest you to – he’s huge in the… Continue Reading “green energizer juice”

pineapple-grapefruit juice

This juice was a bit of an evolutionary process. I had a grapefruit I needed to use and was running low on fresh produce so I started adding in things a little randomly. I had added all the ingredients below except the pineapple and… Continue Reading “pineapple-grapefruit juice”

strawberry greens juice

I’m trying very hard to mix up my vegetables on my seven day juice fast – I could have three liters of juice with 6lbs of carrots a day if I’m not careful… I don’t want to turn orange : )

beet juice

If you read my Day 3 juice fast journal, you’ll know that my beet juice caused quite the bathroom commotion, but despite that, I really did like the concoction – sweet but not overwhelming, and damn full of goodness for your body… and who… Continue Reading “beet juice”

ginger green juice

A quick, easy juice that smells as fresh as spring and looks as scary green as The Hulk… it’s my new favorite! It’s nothing especially fancy, but, as a facebook friend noted, “sometimes tossing in “whatever” needs some uniformity!” Don’t make juicing harder than it… Continue Reading “ginger green juice”

blackberry and kiwi pulp

The sun is shining today and I actual felt like juice this morning – happy days! I have been in a bit of a health food funk at the moment, and despite loving juice and smoothies, and finally acquiring a taste for salads, and… Continue Reading “blackberry and kiwi pulp”