citrus rainbow juice

Citrus Rainbow Juice

Morning of day 1 of my October juice fast! Yes, it’s September 30 here in the US but I couldn’t wait; the online juice fast community is based out of Bali so given time differences it’s nice to start with them, and it’s Monday so is a good way to start the week.

I have started my morning with my regular oil pulling and warm lemon water routine and am so looking forward to the juices I have lined up for today! Breakfast juice. this citrus juice, and a green juice of random goodies for dinner; recipe to be posted tomorrow if it’s any good ;)

Citrus Rainbow Juice 2

I absolutely couldn’t resist the organic pink grapefruits in the market last night – I could smell them through the skin. This juice is really nicely balanced; not too tart, not too sweet just super refreshing and is packed with vitamins.

Ingredients (makes 1 liter)

  • pink grapefruit
  • 5-6 large oranges
  • 2-3 meyer lemons

I have an obsession with the sweeter meyer lemon lately. I’m not sure regular lemons would do this justice but you could try it if you can’t get your hands on meyers.


4 Comments on “citrus rainbow juice

  1. I had to try this with the rest of the rainbow, too–spinach on one end and strawberries on the other! It even kinda looks rainbowy in the cup that catches the juice, with all the fruity froth on top!

    • Love it Jade! I was thinking maybe it needed green but I was going to go with a lime. Your idea sounds super yummy though!

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