what the hell is a vitamin regimen??

I have a SAD friend, he eats the Standard American Diet and he’s my friend. He is also my sad friend because he thinks he’s ‘squishy’. He actually goes the the gym a lot and if the arms that are exposed in his t-shirt are anything to go by he looks fine to me but still, he insists he’s squishy. So yesterday’s email trail looked like this:

sad friend: “REV and a run? Short run after? Maybe abs? I don’t want to be squishy any more.”

crazy raw vegan: “Squishy smishy. Do a juice detox and give up cheese ;) Otherwise your plan sounds like a good start to me!”

sad friend: “I’m actually going to experiment with a new vitamin regimen. I’m ordering it today. Guaranteed to make me faster, stronger, able to leap tall building with a single bound. I’ll be Super {‘insert name here’}”

crazy raw vegan: “Super {‘insert name here’} huh? I’m interested to hear more about this regimen on our run, it sounds intriguing…”

crazy raw vegan (thoughts to self):

  • What the hell is a vitamin regimen?
  • Is a juice detox not a vitamin regimen?
  • Why spend bucket loads of $$ on pills – they’re not fun to eat?
  • What do you eat to supplement the regimen and do they tell you how that might affect the effectiveness of a regimen?
  • Perhaps I should have suggested giving up suger before giving up cheese to a cheese additct in my off-the-cuff comment about addressing squishy?”

I was confused.

Then, in REV class we discussed the regimen- I couldn’t wait for the run because I couldn’t go running because I forgot my sports bra, and no one wants to see those sorts of shenannegans!! So anyways, I digress. You take upwards of 6 pills multiple times a day and it’s supposed to be magic – skin and hair instantly super-star worthy but didn’t get much explanation of how it will help him leap buildings etc. I did ask if you needed to change your diet in addition to the handfuls of pills but apparently not. It will give you everything the SAD lacks. He did note that the supplements are prescribed according to results of a nutrition test they run on you and a raw vegan colleague of his doesn’t need it because she gets everything she needs from her diet… hmmmm. I’d do food over pills any day but that’s just me.

Despite my cynicism, I’m going to quietly wait this out and see how the regime goes, and if you’re interested I’ll keep you posted. If it does work, great – power to the pills. If it doesn’t, perhaps I’ll get my first ever detox buddy and can write a success story of the power of raw food and my abilities as a raw food coach… ah yes, I’m a dreamer :)

Happy eating and exercising everybody! And I would love to know if raw food helped you lose and keep the squishy off and/or what else you do to maintain your fab selves…


3 Comments on “what the hell is a vitamin regimen??

  1. i have been mostly raw since the end of May – I have lost 24 pounds and I am writing this on August 3rd. Yay! I love the fruits/veggie regimen and haven’t taken my vitamins since I started (keep forgetting them?) I eat mostly fruits but try to get leafy greens every day :-) The 2 weeks I was visiting my daughter I walked extra in the mornings and then spent the day busy playing with the grandkids. I ate raw for 2 meals then ate whatever my daughter fixed at dinner. I ended up losing 1 pound during that time – which I thought was great!! I am 54, walk 2-3 miles a day and I feel great. I plan to continue this lifestyle even after I make my 30 pound weight loss goal!! Keep up the good blog! I enjoy it!!

    • You go girl! Susan, that’s fantastic!! I’m so excited you like the lifestyle so much you’re going to keep it up, and think it’s great you see it as a lifestyle, I feel the same way. I’m also happy also my little blog is helpful. It’s stories like yours that make it fun and worthwhile.

  2. The word ‘DIET’ seems to make everyone cringe, when in fact EVERYONE is on a DIET of some sort – good or bad…….. Lifestyle sounds much better! Thanks for your recipes – I have a juicer and just got a dehydrator. I experimented some yesterday with it and the carrot pulp/flaxseed crackers came out pretty good. I am anxious to try your zucchini chips!

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