community supported agriculture and salads

Marshalls Salad With Flax Dressing

Having just prepared another fresh, vibrant salad for my lunch today, using only goodies my local farmer Bob Marshall (Marshall’s Fenway Farm Stand) puts in my weekly CSA pack (Community Supported Agriculture), I had to share just how wonderful I think the concept is – and I somewhat vainly wanted to post my photo from yesterday because I like it!

I have been getting my CBA treasures in a *beautiful* green (reusable and literally green in color) bag that says “Massachusetts grown… and fresher” for four weeks now and it really is the best decision I ever made. Yes, the initial outlay hurts a little but once it’s paid you don’t have to worry about it for a whole season and you get ‘free’ vegetables every week! That’s my kind of economics :)

I had said when I first started that I would post recipes that I found / created to use the vegetables I get but as I’ve mentioned on FB, I eat most of it in it’s natural state, even more natural that creating something ‘raw’. Look at my photo… what else could I really do with the spinach and lettuce, beans, radishes, sweet onion, tomatoes and CORN?? It’s sitting on my counter all beautiful and colorful and healthy looking whispering “eat me, eat me”…

And by the way, liking salads is really a new things for me. Before a went vegetarian and then raw vegan, I would always have steak. No diets or rabbit food for this girl… ewwwww. How pleased I am times have changed.


PS. I dressed with with my sesame ginger flax dressing for a bit of zing.o

One Comment on “community supported agriculture and salads

  1. Crazy Raw Vegan your salad is crazy beautiful! I bet it tasted crazy delicious! Thanks for sharing. And, has the produce on the counter stopped whispering yet? Such motivation and inspiration – it’s not just crazy talk, nor deRAWgatory – it’s crazy raw vegan verbiage! :-) Happy RAWgust!

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