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green + gold smoothie

I would have felt much better about making this smoothie back home in Australia during summer, with fresh local ingredients, than during winter in Boston with fruits from far, far, away… but I needed a pick-me-up and since I don’t have time for a… Continue Reading “green + gold smoothie”

green smoothies should be all about FRUIT

Day 2 of my transition to a more 80/10/10 style of eating and I have already had my first ‘ah-ha’ moment! Actually, I probably had my first one last week when I did a day of all fruit, but it will take some courage… Continue Reading “green smoothies should be all about FRUIT”


I’m back on the crazy train! Two weeks after my new year’s blog about seriously getting back into raw foods based on my new-found wisdom re. how be successfully achieve goals, and my second raw vegan meal plan (my attempt at being ‘organized’), I’m… Continue Reading “80/10/10(crazy)rv?”