green + gold smoothie

Green and Gold Smoothie

I would have felt much better about making this smoothie back home in Australia during summer, with fresh local ingredients, than during winter in Boston with fruits from far, far, away… but I needed a pick-me-up and since I don’t have time for a tropical vacation, a smoothie will have to do. It did remind me of Australia though with the green + gold colors so will pay tribute through the name :)


  • 2 organic granny smith (green) apples
  • 1 chunk fresh organic ginger – I used a large one because I love ginger and the pineapple kind of mellows it out a lot, but base it on your taste
  • I organic pineapple
  • 3 organic kiwi fruit


  • Juice the apples and ginger and add to blender
  • Dice the pineapple and kiwi fruit and add to blender
  • Add ice cubes if the fruit isn’t cold and blend until smooth

I don’t peel the apples or kiwi because I buy organic – simply wash it first. If you don’t / can’t buy organic, I would suggest peeling the fruit.

It makes about 4 cups so you can drink it all yourself (as I’m going to!), or you can share it. Yum.


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