shit omnivores say: meat = man??

“So how was the weekend” asks my new manager at work on Monday morning.

Me: “Great! We went skiing in Vermont and there was actually some decent snow…”

“Did you go out on Saturday night”

“Yes, we found this cute little restaurant that had actually been recommended to me by a friend. They had some good vegan options, which was nice”

“Is your boyfriend a vegan too?”

“Nope, he had steak*” and smiled ironically.

“Good, I was worried about him for a minute there…”

… dumbfounded silence as he walks off… Then (in my head): “does eating steak really make him more of a man? Make you worry about him less? It makes me worry about him more actually – heart disease, cancer, an acidic environment that causes all kinds of grief, (I want to add obesity but he’s a naturally thin one), stinky farts from rotting meat in his bowels, and see my footnote below… but I’m pleased you’re not worried!”

And then, manager later boasts that he had not one, but two big juicy burgers on Saturday. Glorious.

* This probably should have gone in this morning’s post re. the P word… My boyfriend, in all his educated wisdom and despite all my harping, sat down at the table and said “I’ve had a big day, I need some protein. I’m having the steak”.

Argh! All I can say is I’m not paying for the viagra if his arteries clog…

8 Comments on “shit omnivores say: meat = man??

  1. My boyfriend is the same way, total carnivore. He has drastically cut back on his animal products thanks to my healthy ways and ambitions, but he will never give it up solely for purpose of being a man. Nonsense.

    • Funny isn’t it?! Mine has cut back too, and is more conscious of the quality of animal products he does eat now which is a huge improvement, but grass-fed cow is still a cow…!

  2. Eating meat does not make you more of a man! I have been vegan for a long time and this gets me pissed sometimes. It takes more of a man to stand up for what you believe in. Call me a pussy vegan I dare you!!

  3. Ha. I’ve been in this scenario so many times I can only deal with it with humor. Eeeehhh, someday your manager will come back and ask you for advice when he is aware of all the diseases he’s giving himself.
    Anyhoo – nice blog!

  4. Irks me how brainwashed our society is about how “cool” meat-eating is. Just goes to show how influenced you can be by billions of dollars in commercials and advertising from the most prominent industry in food.

  5. It’s amazing how far gone our society is. Like, people really do believe we NEED meat. My friends always blame my tired-looking pale skin on the fact that I don’t eat meat. I mention all the plant-based foods that give you loads of iron and protein, but then they come back with a really good point… “Ashley, you barely eat any of that stuff.” “Uhhhh….. I know I don’t…. I will though, I will!!!”

    Well, your man has a better diet than my boyfriend at least. Mine barely eats, and when he does, its usually a Sidekicks pasta or Mr. Noodle noodles. He also drinks a crazy amount of Coca Cola. I haven’t been the best influence lately either (the christmas season screwed me up), but I’m back on track with my healthy almost-vegan ways, so hopefully I can lead by example and force some clean food down his throat, ;)

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