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guidance for newbie raw foodies

  I just received the most lovely message from a new friend on facebook. He has recently started his raw food journey (exciting!!) and is a fellow bum-wiggler which is also exciting because I truly believe the world needs more happy bum-wiggling! And he likes… Continue Reading “guidance for newbie raw foodies”

shit omnivores say: meat = man??

“So how was the weekend” asks my new manager at work on Monday morning. Me: “Great! We went skiing in Vermont and there was actually some decent snow…” “Did you go out on Saturday night” “Yes, we found this cute little restaurant that had… Continue Reading “shit omnivores say: meat = man??”

raw resolutions

I started my crazy raw vegan adventures in March 2010. I was super-motivated when I started and managed 100% high raw vegan for the first six months… I felt great, I lost 13lb without trying, my troublesome skin started to clear up (a little),… Continue Reading “raw resolutions”

serious things and small confessions

I said I had some ‘serious things and small confessions’ to share this weekend to explain the lack on communication over the last few days of my juicy week (juice fast), and I have been procrastinating. I’m blaming the hurricane… even though I’ve been… Continue Reading “serious things and small confessions”

cooked food cravings and (un-raw) vegan chili

So after the office lunch run debacle yesterday, I was HUNGRY when I got home from work. And it was snowing and cold and miserable. And sometimes miserable weather = miserable me, and miserable me sometimes wants something warm in my belly. I think… Continue Reading “cooked food cravings and (un-raw) vegan chili”

the office ‘lunch run’

Today I did something I don’t do very often, I joined some people from the office in their daily outing to “get lunch”. Today, I also remembered why I don’t do this very often and why I’m happy to be seen as an anti-socal… Continue Reading “the office ‘lunch run’”

my quest for raw hummus and meaning

Confession. I’m drowning my ‘sorrows’ in corn chips and hummus – the in a container from Wholefoods type hummus. Vegan but not raw. Definitely against my moral outrage over the corn situation in this country (if you don’t know about it, read Omnivore’s Dilemma… Continue Reading “my quest for raw hummus and meaning”