my quest for raw hummus and meaning

Confession. I’m drowning my ‘sorrows’ in corn chips and hummus – the in a container from Wholefoods type hummus. Vegan but not raw. Definitely against my moral outrage over the corn situation in this country (if you don’t know about it, read Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollen – my hero), and despite the knowledge that corn chips often “slow down my digestion”, at the risk of sharing too much information. I WANT A GOOD BEAN-FREE, RAW HUMMUS RECIPE! I have not yet found one that I can successfully make at home despite all the raw restaurants I go to having totally delish hummus. Can anyone out there help me please??

So I’m eating this nonsense because I’m feeling lazy. I told you it happens – it’s not always easy to want to prepare food and it’s nights like these I remember why the microwave is so popular. I am, however, feeling proud of myself for throwing out the last piece of the (totally tasty) cheesy vegetarian lasagna I made last week instead of eating it.  Sometime I have to congratulate myself on making the most of the incredibly obvious decisions (like not eating cheesy lasagna because it makes me sick) because I’m not always good at saying no, and otherwise I can do something silly and then on top of feeling sick, make myself feel guilty! Talk about unproductive. So that’s my friendly reminder to those of you who are going raw – go easy on yourself. This shit’s hard enough as it is.

Back back to my sorrows – sorry but I’m home alone and feel the need to indulge…

I got home late because I went to a volunteering gig at a local women’s rehab center – told you I was a sporadic community volunteer :) I thought I was running late (literally running around a v. questionable part of town on the campus of a mental hospital trying to find the rehab clinic by way of the men’s emergency shelter at dinner time… you can’t even imagine!) I was 20 minutes late. The women were out smoking. The lady organizing the activity showed up 20 minutes later with beads from which to make jewelry. The participants didn’t really want to be there. They sarcastically thanked me for being such a *nice* person, I made a silly little key chain and that was that.

What happened to meaningful volunteer activities? Win-win. Or at least one win. Lose-lose never really works for me. I really need to find something more engaging to do… any suggestions??

Hmmmm. So, I think this is my first post where I need some help, that I have questions. Lots of you are reading my dribble (wordpress tells me so), and would love to actually hear from some of you! I’d be happy to return the favor someday!


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