cooked food cravings and (un-raw) vegan chili

So after the office lunch run debacle yesterday, I was HUNGRY when I got home from work. And it was snowing and cold and miserable. And sometimes miserable weather = miserable me, and miserable me sometimes wants something warm in my belly. I think it is important to have a reliable cooked vegan option at your fingertips on those occasions you fall (read desperately want to jump) off the raw wagon. It’s certainly better than crumbling outside of the golden arches in a desperate bid to satiate a craving for something cooked!

My go-to is Indian food. Having lived in London for two years, I developed quite a liking for good Indian and there are some great vegan options. Granted white rice is not a huge favorite of mine but when my delivery arrived last night from my favorite place down the road in ¬20 minutes, I devoured it so quickly and with such relief that I didn’t have time to think about it!

Another option I usually have in the freezer is a vegan chili. I’m not a huge proponent of beans but my partner likes chili so I make a vegan recipe which he really likes and in which he doesn’t miss the meat so I can have it if I ever want it…

I’m not going to provide the recipe here because I found it on Herbivoracious and I really just think you should get it from there! Michael Natkin has some yummy stuff posted up there if you want cooked vegan recipes…

4 Comments on “cooked food cravings and (un-raw) vegan chili

  1. Hey, I’m really glad you like the chili! Thanks for writing about it. I can easily imagine that the craving for something warm is a challenging aspect of a raw diet.

  2. I’ve LOVED every one of Michael’s recipes so far – I’m not a huge chili fan but will DEFINITELY have to try this one!!

    • It’s worth it! I sometimes add a few extra veggies (red pepper and mushrooms) to break up the beans a little :)

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