the office ‘lunch run’

Today I did something I don’t do very often, I joined some people from the office in their daily outing to “get lunch”. Today, I also remembered why I don’t do this very often and why I’m happy to be seen as an anti-socal skinny-bitch food snob because of it. The group was going to an Italian grocery I hadn’t been to before – they have hot/cold sandwich options, pre-made salads and hot dishes. I spent a minute perusing the ‘salad’ bar and found rows and rows of cured and fresh meats, cheese of every variety, lettuce, tomatos, onions and a salsa-looking concoction.

A very jovial Italian man offered me his services. I proceeded to say “I’m vegan, what can you pull together for me?” He looked me straight in the eye, raised his bushy eyebrow and said “You’re in Boston miss, not San Fransisco”. 


Needless to say I left empty-handed. I had the difficulty of explaining why I was leaving empty-handed to a group of people who couldn’t understand why, as a raw vegan, I wasn’t happy with lettuce and tomato in a platic container, while their hands were full of delicious smelling, cheese-covered, salami-heavy pasta. I had to brave the SNOW in my little slip-on shoes (yes, it’s late-March and spring officially started yesterday) to find something else in the area, which is new to me having only relocated offices at the beginning of the year. And I ended up eating a really crappy wrap with too much S&P, too much wrap and not enough of anything but lettuce… it made me feel ill :(

So, today I made an oath to always bring lunch to work… Unless we’re have planned to go somewhere fancy enough that they know what vegan means and have some vaguely interesting non-animal-based foods in their kitchens… Today I think I found a whole new level of inspiration.

One Comment on “the office ‘lunch run’

  1. Yeeesh, that wrap sounds terrible!
    I have similar trouble, I work at the Domestic Airport, so all food is about 200% more expensive, and lacking in any form of taste. I’m not vegan at all, but I crave vegies and salads at pretty much every hour of the day. I’ve started bringing in my homemade salas every day now, but without bringing in metal cutlery (pffft, airport security), eating it with a plastic fork takes some of the deliciousness away.

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