confessions, surgery, and bike commuting

Hardware Removal 2

I started this little discussion on ‘moving’ about six weeks ago and the blog posts have been few and far between – my apologies. Then, by post #3, I realized I have confessions. Already. Blimey!!

Confession #1: my ‘wake up and go for a run‘ enthusiasm  from the end of May was a little more short-lived than I wanted it to be, partly (mostly) because I was scheduled to have surgery yesterday to take out all the hardware in my ankle and would be out of commission for a while, and partly because I got addicted to riding my bike to work and it was a little tricky to do both with a school semester coming to a close.

Confession #2: in the blog link above, I was looking at doing the Boston half marathon in October. I’m now actually signed up to run one in Newburyport, MA with a group of friends – more social, less pressure, and honestly, a flatter course… I’ll need all the help I can get!

So, now we have that out of the way, my surgery went really well – I’m walking around already so fingers crossed running is not too far away. I have also been super-excited by the muscle mass bike commuting has added to my legs… I only need to do ~8 miles a day to get to the office but it’s making a world of difference, in addition to a few spin classes I manage to fit in at the gym. Hoping that this cross-training will help my running as I think I’ll be back on my bike before I’m back pounding the pavement!

How is your “moving” going??


2 Comments on “confessions, surgery, and bike commuting

    • I’m not exactly sure Bill, although I understand qualifying for the half is tough. I was going to go the charity route : )

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