and this crazy raw life continues to evolve…

Hi crazies, I hope you’re all doing well. I’m sorry I’ve been away for over two years. The crazyrawvegan blog still gets loads of visits (thank you!) but I have been trying to work out where to take this all as life continues to evolve. 

This is where I got to…

My blogging journey started out with food… a diet… an all consuming passion for everything raw vegan. It turned out that it was a very little box I put myself in, in the ongoing pursuit of a happy, healthy tummy. The journey has continued to evolve and defining myself by what I eat is no longer enough. And I’m no longer vegan…

From a food perspective, this will probably be better classified as a vegetarian blog although I still predominantly prefer a vegan diet. I’ve added (happy chicken) eggs back in for a variety of personal reasons and occasionally have a bit of (vegetarian) cheese. I still prefer gluten-free and despite bouts of serious sugar addition, strive for less in my life. My old crazyrawvegan recipes are still a mainstay in my kitchen but it would be hypocritical to pick up where I left off over two years ago in the same vein. I got enough grief from people adding honey to a smoothie with the ‘vegan’ label attached to the blog. If I lose some of you here, that will have to be ok, but dont’ judge me, as I don’t judge you for your food decisions.

From a life perspective, I’m back in Australia. I’ve overcome a third ’bout’ of depression and still deal with anxiety. I work hard and too often struggle to find balance. I travel a lot, exercise too infrequently. I love my tribe like, well, crazy and I fight hard every day for my relationships, to have the difficult discussions, to get to what’s real. I am also crazy; I dance randomly, wiggle my bum when I’m happy, laugh at myself and find joy in the little things.

The intention is to share more of that, for whatever it’s worth. Would love you to join me.

I hope you all find health and happiness, in whatever form it takes.


2 Comments on “and this crazy raw life continues to evolve…

  1. Bravo!! Yay to you for changing and evolving and sharing it with all of us. Huzzah!!! Psssst…I’m crazy too. ;-)

    • thanks for your support Jen! not sure what the journey looks like but love to connect with the fun kinda crazy. hope you’re able to create a happy healthy 2017 xx

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