agape cottage – this one’s for the girls

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This is a very special post for a very special lady. Sharon Agates has recently created Agape Cottage, ‘a sacred place to reflect, recharge, and recreate’ … a truly magical space for women, located in Brentwood, UK – just outside London.

I had the honor of connecting with Sharon through a mutual friend, and stayed at the cottage for a night when I was in London last November. We went for a walk through the countryside in deep fall leaves, spent three hours in the hot tub under twinkle lights, talked about everything from love to food (and our love of food!). I taught her how to make almond milk and she treated me to an Indian head massage.  It was the perfect escape from the craziness of life, and a gentle reminder that we need to spend more time reflecting, sharing, and connecting with ourselves and other women.

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If you’re based in London, or happen to be visiting, I can’t recommend a night (or three) at Agape highly enough. Sharon is a qualified counselor and psychotherapist and has created a range of packages to suit individuals needs. She’s also a qualified juice nutritionist (which of course was one of my favorite parts!), and she caters to all foodie-types :)

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Check out her beautiful new website. It’s really is a wonderful concept and I can’t help but support her in an endeavor that’s so close to her heart.


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4 Comments on “agape cottage – this one’s for the girls

  1. That sounds amazing. I hope I can go there some day.

    Sent from my iTelephone machine… From the future.

  2. i have a place in tasmania called the abode sanctuary for the creators creations and i would love to hear from anybody thats interested in healing with mind alone its fascinateing my email is lowercas

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