blog temporarily under reconstruction


Apologies for any inconvenience! All recipes are still available but might not be in their correct menu but hopefully the changes will make the site easier to navigate.

Changes include:

  • New drop-down menus based on raw vegan or cooked vegan recipes
  • Addition of a ‘guide’ at the end of each recipe (except juices) to denote key characteristics
    • raw vegan or vegan
    • whole food, plant based – used if no store-bought mixtures are used, i.e. vegan dairy substitutes and tofu 
    • gluten-free
    • nut-free
    • sweetener-free – including sugar, agave, maple syrup and raw honey*
    • soy-free
  • Longer-term, I’ll be adding the nutritional composition to more recipes


* If I use raw honey I will also remove any ‘vegan’ designation

4 Comments on “blog temporarily under reconstruction

  1. I am commenting here because I am inspired by your continual transformation. Growth is life and demonstrating your ability to evolve even just with the layout of your site is awesome.


      • You are welcome. Keep inspiring, I still can’t afford a juicer, I use the vitamix and strain out the pulp and use it to cook with if I can. But your site has been a huge resource!

      • I’m so excited to hear that you’re persevering with the juice! You don’t have to go for the top of the range masticating variety; centrifugal ones are fine and a lot more affordable : ) Love keeping up with your adventures… definitely inspiring xx

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