spring time!

Spring Haul

The sun is out, birds are chirping, people have smiles on (yes, even in Boston). I’m mostly stuck inside working and/or studying as I have finals this week for macro economics (I have no smiles for that) and a social media / technology course (which I love, obviously), yet I’m already feeling lighter, happier and more carefree  than I have in six months.. I find winter sooo hard!

To celebrate spring today, I rode my bicycle to the hospital in the sunshine to visit the (most wonderful, fantastic) surgeon who fixed my ankle after a serious snowboarding accident last year. Everything has healed perfectly, so much so his assistant looked a little surprised “given what happened”! So to continue the celebrations, I took some extra time out of my work day (shhh, don’t tell) to go to the market and pick up some goodies and just had to share… and it was time to knock the risotto off the ‘first blog to appear on the page’ mantle and replace it with living, vibrant goodness.

The muscat grapes are to die for – I got a few tasters after chatting with the produce man about getting close to nature through pure foods and telling him I wanted his job, which I’m not sure he believed until I told him I work in the finance industry… then he nodded is head knowingly :) Organic blueberries, peaches that need to ripen, avocado, pink ladies… my happiness levels are through the roof! Bye-bye winter blues.

Would love to hear what people’s favorite spring foods / meals are!



One Comment on “spring time!

  1. There are few things better then sunshine and fabulous fresh produce. I am glad winter is behind you. We have been blessed with bonus sunshine this year, it will leave us any day, I too find winter very hard, although mine barely compares to what you guys survive. I hope there is plenty of sunshine to come!

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