I heart zimt artisan chocolates

Zimt Chocolate

Just like I don’t like to get into the animal rights-politics of a plant-based diet, I get nervous about “The Holidays”.  There just seems to be no winning, however you position it.  So while I have just bought a load of  Zimt Artisan Chocolates to fill up stockings, it really makes a great gift for any event, any time of year… and even better, it makes a fabulous self-indulgence.  It just also happens that Emma, as founder of this wonderful gem of a company, offered me a trial of her raw vegan organic goodies at this time of the year.  So you can interpret this little plug* however you like : )

I’m a huge chocolate fan – always have been.  Moving from milk chocolate to dark chocolate when I went vegan was easy as there are a lot of raw, vegan chocolates out there.  What I absolutely love about Zimt is the variety of flavors and the texture.  And honestly, the price.

  • Flavor: Emma gave me the peppermint, orange, and salt varieties and I love them all!  My favorite part is that the flavor extracts go straight into the chocolate instead of being an added component of, say peppermint fondue, or orange liquor filling.  It’s also a very subtle flavor; the fusion of flavor and chocolate is really well balanced. 
  • Texture: Because the flavor is delicately blended into the smooth chocolate, the texture is provided in most instances, in cacao nibs.  I’m biased as I lurve cacao nibs in everything (especially trail mix), but they also give the chocolate bars a crunchy texture that keeps you guessing.
  • Price: These chocolate bars are only $4.99 – I pay loads more than that from Whole Foods!  Shipping is also free in December if you spend more than $60.. which was a lot easier than I thought ; )

Emma also sent me a cookie dough cup, which looked fab. but unfortunately I was overseas when the package arrived and they need to be refrigerated and it spent a few days on the counter so wasn’t good by the time I got to it.  Do note that the cookie dough cups come well packaged so that wasn’t the issue here.

And there you have it.  My new fav. chocolate  Get on board and support Emma in her endeavor.  Happy chocolate guzzling to you all!


* I’m going to do a few pre-holiday plugs to support some of my favorite small vegan businesses… I love people who get out there and make, create, and share the things they are most passionate about and believe deeply in the power of spreading the love!

2 Comments on “I heart zimt artisan chocolates

  1. I’m going to have to look for these!!! We’re huge raw chocolate fans :)

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