I still love you…!


I so desperately want to have time in the kitchen to create again, and write blogs.  Graduate school and full time work is killing me but I have a month off school as of tomorrow so bring on the silly season!!  In the meantime, I’m sharing a picture from my sunset walk around my local pond on Tuesday, no filters – the colors were absolutely amazing. Moving, even (especially?) in the winter, is so important for the body, mind, and soul.  Don’t stay wrapped up inside if you don’t have to!

Hope all you crazies are out there living it up, eating it up, and creating your fun and happy.



2 Comments on “I still love you…!

  1. Hi!! It’s good to hear from you! I have been getting out more than I have in the last few years and LOVE it. Been trying to walk at least 4 miles a day and with the 20 degree and below temps, I’m pretty proud. And you’re right, it feels GREAT! Enjoy your time off…from school at least. ;) xo

  2. Enjoy your time off! Mine doesn’t start until the 16th! Counting down the days

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