juice fast journal: day 1

TT Online Juice Fast August 2013

Tyler Tolman’s online juice fast started on August 1 and I’m totally hooked! As mentioned in my c.a.s.s. juice post last week, I had a day of juice on the official first day but took Friday through Sunday off to go to Osheaga music festival in Montreal… and while I missed my juice, it was totally worth it! A fab three days with great music, great company, and luckily for me, great gluten-free vegan Thai food : )

I’m going to keep a daily journal for this seven day adventure so I can track my progress and share the experience with those of you who haven’t done this before but are curious can get a feeling for what to expect; although we’re all different and it depends where you’re starting from. My goal is to feel clean, light, and happy for my 32nd birthday next Monday – the day after the cleans ends…

Day 1 Juice Fast

I started my juice fast for real at 1pm today as I got home from Montreal at 4:30am and needed some beauty sleep before facing the day.  My lemons didn’t last the weekend so I had to skip the recommended warm lemon water (and my typical start to the day) and got straight into juice.  After a trip to the market I couldn’t help myself, I started with 1.25 liters of c.a.s.s. juice – it took me a few hours to drink it all, along with 1.5 liters of water.

It’s now 7:15pm, and having just juiced two liters to get me through breakfast and lunch tomorrow, am sitting down with an interesting concoction of cucumber, kale, parsley and pomegranate seeds – it will do for now but not sure I’ll do it again. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get a good concoction :S

To cover everything ‘prep-related’ here, it is recommended that you do a colon cleanse for a few days leading up to a juice fast; and I definitely agree. I didn’t get to it this time but have done a few in the last 12 months and eat fairly cleanly so am not too worried about it.  Will be looking to do another one late fall though if people are interested in joining me.


  • Weight: 125lb – about two pounds less than my regular weight, probably a result of all the dancing! Please note than I’m only tracking weight for my academic interest rather than with an aim to lose any; however that may be a great side effect of a juice fast for those of you looking to lose a few pounds…
  • Mental: pleased at myself for starting!
  • Physical: feeling light with lots of energy
  • Emotional: happy
  • Cravings: none, despite my boyfriends dinner wafting through the house
  • Skin: no noticeable difference yet – still a bit too congested for my liking
  • Eyes: no noticeable difference yet – a bit red and tired after the weekend but that’ snot unusual so hoping that will improve…

Is there anything else you want me to cover here??

Would also love to hear from others who are on the seven-day cleanse, or who have done this (successfully) before as honestly, I’ve tried juice fasting before but typically bail after 3-4 days!!  I must say that I am loving the online support from Tyler this time around though, and over 1,000 people world-wide that are in various stages of the cleanse, including my mother in Vietnam and my aunt in Australia… an interesting, unplanned coincidence! They are on days 6 and 7 respectively and are loving it.


One Comment on “juice fast journal: day 1

  1. I feel great on Day 6 Sara. I got the link to the juice cleanse from you and then sent to Judy so thank you for getting us started. We have been sharing our days this last week despite the distance. I am sure you will have a happy and juicy birthday next Monday.

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