c.a.s.s. juice

CASS Juice_2

T minus 3… first day of Tyler Tolman’s online juice fast!  It’s T-3 as I’m starting today but taking Friday – Sunday off because I’m going away for the weekend and music festivals are hardly conducive to juice fasting… they barely let you bring water in with you : )

That being said, I will be posting a journal or sorts to share the adventure with you when I kick it off for real next week but in the meantime, I need to share my lunch time creation as I think I’m in love!

Sweet and savory, simple… it’s my new c.a.s.s. juice (carrots, apples, strawberries, and sunflower greens).

CASS Juice_1

Ingredients (makes ~1 liter)

  • 2lb carrots
  • 2 large pink lady apples
  • 16 oz punnet ripe strawberries
  • Handful sunflower greens


Juicing doesn’t really require much in the way of instruction; however if you have a masticating (cold-press) juicer I suggest alternating the ingredients to have the hard carrots push through the soft strawberries and sunflower greens, or at least finishing with carrots; otherwise you may find yourself with a mushy strawberry concoction as I did when I decided last minute to add some more into the mix!


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