juice fast journal: day 3

Beet + Stem Juice

Well… you really don’t want a photo of my experience today. Let’s just say that I hit the ‘cleanse’ part of this little juice fast and it wasn’t (isn’t) pretty; however healthy it may be. The funny thing is that it caught me totally by surprise. Colon cleanses come with instructions to ‘stay at home on day 4’ but the juice fast didn’t come with such instruction. I hadn’t had so much success with previous juice fasts as to experience this before but guess I should be happy I’m getting it (quite literally) “out of the way” early on : S

So, my advice – do this when you have some flexibility to be at home! And don’t be surprised if things come out looking quite like when they went in – Tyler’s juice fast Facebook community has had quite a lot of conversation about this but it’s still a shock to see a beet juice in the toilet!!

Despite this, I still feel great. I struggled a bit this morning – had a meeting and got a bit sleepy because I didn’t have time or the inclination to drink my juice in between my lemon water and the meeting so was hungry. The minute I started drinking the juice though (around 9am) I felt super-charged and have been on the go ever since. I met with a colleague at work today who saw my social media post about the juice fast and she couldn’t believe how happy I was – she is totally miserable by day 3 (and in fact only does three days), which is definitely how I have always been before this go ’round… I’ll unpack my philosophical ponderings on this later in the week.


  • Wake at 6am: 15 minutes oil pulling followed by 1/2 liter of water with salt
  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 liter of beet juice over the morning (recipe pending…)
  • 1 liter coconut water
  • 1 liter of melon juice at about 1:30pm (recipe pending…)
  • Yoga class
  • Another liter of my  virgin mary for dinner at about 9pm… I was totally craving it and made extra for tomorrow night in anticipation : )


  • Weight: 124.8lb – I think this was stored colon matter… sorry but it’s true.
  • Mental: clear mind, no headache today!
  • Physical: ABUNDANT ENERGY! It’s still making me nervous…
  • Emotional: happy thoughts, positive outlook
  • Cravings: virgin mary juice, as mentioned above but nothing for food – it feels very, very strange…
  • Skin: the congestion is starting to clear up, yay!
  • Eyes: still red :(

Anyways, it’s now technically Day 4 as I had a load of stuff to do tonight so will wrap it up and post more tomorrow.


4 Comments on “juice fast journal: day 3

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  2. You are lucky not to be getting the cravings, only on day 3–congratulations, though! I did a juice fast recently, and the cravings for me went MUCH longer than day 3 for mine.

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