juice fast journal: day 7

Day 7_Vitamin D

I made it!! This is the last day of my seven day, Tyler Tolman online juice fast – I can’t really believe it! Firstly, I need to send out a huge thank you to the 1,100-odd members of the Facebook community that provided overwhelming support to me and each other; simply amazing conversations and a wonderful open forum for all things, happy, bad, sad, and joyous about juice fasting and detoxing.

And much love and respect to Tyler, his amazing wife Rachelle and their stellar team for being online what felt like 24-7 to provide expert guidance. I can’t wait to do one a live session in Bali!!

That said, today was a fascinating day, emotionally and physically. I woke up and didn’t feel like anything to drink (or eat). I did my oil pulling, forced down 750ml of lemon water, and sipped on a vegetable juice for five hours while I wrote some blogs and did my school work and was just content to go on with nothing for the rest of the day. I asked the FB community whether complete fasting was ok (knowing it probably wasn’t), and rightly, Rachelle replied to say I needed to keep my liquid intake high even if I went to a water fast… and that I should check my emotional state.

She was totally right, I was emotionally flat so I donned some shorts, packed a beach towel and most importantly 1lt of water and .5lt coconut water, and headed to the park to enjoy a perfectly beautiful Boston summer day, determined not to leave until every last drop was gone. I immediately felt better, both for the vitamin D and the liquids, came home and (embarrassingly!) had a dance around the living room to some tunes from the Osheaga festival last weekend to recapture the happy vibes.

Then, my boyfriend and I went and hit some golf balls – I had my first lesson last week by a PGA Professional so needed some practice time. Surprise, surprise, I found a new set of clubs in my bag for my birthday – which is tomorrow! Lucky me : )

I’m now sucking on more coconut water and will continue fasting until I feel like breaking it; now I don’t need an end date! I did also order a box of Tyler’s Pulse, which is an amazing complete food source that I will blog about when it arrives. It’s so good I don’t think I’ll be able to help but break the fast when it arrives!!

As a final note, my daily blog will end today… I will sporadically update you as I move through the next stage of my fast and as I unpack the reasons why this fast went so well for me.


  • Weight: 120.4lb – it’s official, I did lose 5lbs! My doctor won’t be happy but I still look healthy so I’m ok with it.
  • Mental: mostly good – feeling good about the fast academically.
  • Physical: great! A bit lethargic while spending all that time at the computer but fine once I was up and about in the sunshine.
  • Emotional: flat.
  • Cravings: none.
  • Skin: continuing to look clearer! Hopefully the next few days will provide the breakthrough I’m after!
  • Eyes: I’m (still) sick of talking about my red eyes!

Anyone else out there made it through the seven days?? How did you find it? What would be your thoughts and suggestions for others?


6 Comments on “juice fast journal: day 7

    • Thanks Courtney! The journey hasn’t finished yet either… I’m water fasting now as my body wasn’t ready for food :)

  1. Todays my seventh day! I want to eat everything I see! Im just going to pull it together until i can eat my fruits in whole tmrw. Overall this juice fast is amazing for several reasons. I realized that I can control myself, control what I eat, I lost weight, I recognized that the brain is your strongest assest, and that my body image is controlled by me. Every day of my juice fast I mentally encouraged myself with a new thought. It wasn’t easy, but worth it for the beginning of my healthy journey, and for my reentry into the dance world. I lost 6 lbs so far. I will be trying to finish losing the cellulite in my thighs by doing pilates and ballet! Im excited to be the fierce mammasita I know myself to be!!!

    • Congratulations on your fast! It’s such a wonderful accomplishment. How you’re feeling ok having broken it, and that the ballet is going well. I found my cellulite disappeared once I stopped eating dairy so that might help if you’re not already vegan : )

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