zucchini primavera

Zucchini Primavera

I’m very excited, I have a new go-to raw vegan pasta dish! I usually love to make my marinara pasta when people come over for dinner, but this past Saturday night I needed to something different… Brooke’s had it before. I pulled out Alissa Cohen’s new(ish) book Raw Food for Everyone and went straight to The Big Event section – inspiration abounds! I was going to make the Mediterranean-Style Pressed Lasagna but wrote out my shopping list, walked two miles to Whole Foods and realized I forgot the list! I did my best but forgot some key ingredients, so needed Plan B at the last minute.

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vanilla ice cream and cookies

Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Cookies

How amazing is raw vegan food that I can have super-delicious ice cream and cookies for breakfast and know it’s good for me?! Made with coconut and cashews it’s full of good fats, carbohydrates, protein, fiber and all kinds of minerals, and it tastes better than any dairy-based ice cream I have ever tried… and no animals were harmed in the making. Amazing, no?

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raw chocolate cookies

Chocolate Cookies

This recipe is a bit of a mash-up from recipes I have found in various places and my own preference for chocolate goodies that aren’t too sweet….

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raw vegan chili

Matthew Kenney's Chili

Not so long ago, I was raving about Herbavoracious’ super-delicious (un-raw) vegan chili to cater to my cooked food cravings… well now I’m happy to say I can rave about a raw vegan chili recipe to the same extent –  Matthew Kenney has done it again!! It has a great texture, doesn’t require beans and tastes like chili! When I gave it to my boyfriend to try he really liked it but didn’t realize I said it was raw, so commented that it was cold and asked if he could heat it up  – funny :)

Apparently this recipe required ‘exhaustive experimentation’ so I was careful not to deviate on my first attempt (save for halving the recipe below), which took a lot more restraint than I’m used to! So get your measuring spoons out people and get in to this goodness!

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ginger choc macaroons

Ginger Choc Macaroons

OMG yum! I am having a love affair with raw ginger chocolate macaroons… Totally delish and only a little bit naughty (they require maple syrup).  They have also passed the taste test with two very discerning omnivours, with one snacking on them in the middle of the night and waking his lovely wife to make sure she told me how good they were! This recipe is for you John…

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lettuce burritos

Friday Burritos

Lunch prep, again? Sometime I really can’t be bothered with this in the morning. Then I remember that I don’t really eat if I don’t take it in with me. Then after answering ‘maybe sometimes…’ to Frederick Patenaude’s question as to whether Raw Foodists Have an Eating Disorder like OrthorexiaI decided to get off my butt and make it.

I got a few new recipe books recently, and among them was Erica Palmcrantz’s Raw Food: A Complete Guide for Every Meal of the Day. I like it because it’s designed for one to two people so the portions are a good size (I’m usually hungry enought to eat two portions anyway or take leftovers for lunch the next day), it’s simple, it has lots of photographs. She’s also hot, blond and Swedish. What’s not to love?!

Hmmm. I digress….

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cheezy cayenne kale chips

Spicy Kale Chips

My house smells really yummy this morning! I love dehydrating things overnight and really would do it just to wake up to a tasty aroma every day… especially kale chips. These things are totally awesome – cheesy, tasty and filling, and packed with goodness including the big P (protein) and fiber, thiamin, riboflavin, folate, iron, magnesium and phosphorus, Vitamins A, C, K, B6, Calcium, Potassium, Copper and Manganese… woop, woop! I’m just sorry my Australian friends can’t seem to buy kale. Read More

cooked food cravings and (un-raw) vegan chili

So after the office lunch run debacle yesterday, I was HUNGRY when I got home from work. And it was snowing and cold and miserable. And sometimes miserable weather = miserable me, and miserable me sometimes wants something warm in my belly. I think it is important to have a reliable cooked vegan option at your fingertips on those occasions you fall (read desperately want to jump) off the raw wagon. It’s certainly better than crumbling outside of the golden arches in a desperate bid to satiate a craving for something cooked! Read More

the office ‘lunch run’

Today I did something I don’t do very often, I joined some people from the office in their daily outing to “get lunch”. Today, I also remembered why I don’t do this very often and why I’m happy to be seen as an anti-socal skinny-bitch food snob because of it. The group was going to an Italian grocery I hadn’t been to before – they have hot/cold sandwich options, pre-made salads and hot dishes. I spent a minute perusing the ‘salad’ bar and found rows and rows of cured and fresh meats, cheese of every variety, lettuce, tomatos, onions and a salsa-looking concoction.

A very jovial Italian man offered me his services. I proceeded to say “I’m vegan, what can you pull together for me?” He looked me straight in the eye, raised his bushy eyebrow and said “You’re in Boston miss, not San Fransisco”. 


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rejuvelac vs. beer


Soaking Quiona


Oh dear. It’s St Patrick’s Day and I live in Boston… and if you’re not in Ireland, I doubt there’s a better place than Boston to have a beer in celebration of the Irish. I have never really liked beer, despite being Australian and growing up in XXXX territory (yes, Queenslanders can’t spell beer, and jokes, the stuff is rubbish). However, since moving to Boston, with it’s vast array of local specialty beers, I have developed a liking for porter. Dark, full tasting beer. Strange, no?? My parter suspects it might be something to do with my raw veganism… raw foods are so much more tasty than cooked foods so it’s only natural I like the most flavorful beer. I tend to agree, but still think it’s strange I like beer at all. Particularly since I’m supposed to be a ‘healthy’ raw vegan… ooops. Read More