spicy ‘salmon’ pâté

Mock Salmon Pate

The ultimate lazy snack has really got to be crackers and dip doesn’t it? Open cupboard, grab crackers. Open fridge, grab dip. Dip + Eat = Instant gratification. So when dehydrating your own raw flax seed crackers from scratch a sudden craving for a savory snack isn’t helpful, having ones pre-made (or being lucky enough to be able to buy them from somewhere) certainly is. As is having a few easy, tasty recipes on hand. Read More

fruit leathers

Fruit Leather

It’s Sunday night, and Sunday night is fruit leather night. Every week I make a load of these things and my partner (an avid omnivore) devours them by Wednesday… he’s addicted. And while I used to get grumpy about him eating them all so quickly, I have learnt two things: 1. it’s a good idea to stash away what I want to eat before he sees it, and 2. it’s better he eats these than having him running around on a sugar high from Roll-Ups – a Christmas gift I was not so happy about :) Read More

goji-cacao-maca bars

Super Goji Cacao Bars

Bridget is looking for ‘some sort of whole grain breakfast/snack bar’ and it just so happens that I have been munching on the very thing all week, and was going to post the recipe today anyway!! I just love when things come together.

Sooooo…. drum roll! This is Matthew Kenney’s recipe for super goji-cacao-maca bars from Everyday Raw. I’m stealing it verbatim, with my own personal commentary because I can’t help myself and it’s my blog :) Luckily for me, recipes are not covered by copyright but that’s not the reason I feel ok about sharing… I like to share because I hope people will go out and buy the books I love! Give something, get something. It’s good karma. Read More

flax seed crackers

Juliano's Flax Seed Crackers

Flax seed crackers are a staple for any raw foodie… there are so many easy sweet snacks to make and buy so I find these super-handy to have around to deal with the savory cravings. I also think that you could make them in an oven on the lowest setting if you don’t have a dehydrator but should probably try that out before I suggest it!

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my quest for raw hummus and meaning

Confession. I’m drowning my ‘sorrows’ in corn chips and hummus – the in a container from Wholefoods type hummus. Vegan but not raw. Definitely against my moral outrage over the corn situation in this country (if you don’t know about it, read Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollen – my hero), and despite the knowledge that corn chips often “slow down my digestion”, at the risk of sharing too much information. I WANT A GOOD BEAN-FREE, RAW HUMMUS RECIPE! I have not yet found one that I can successfully make at home despite all the raw restaurants I go to having totally delish hummus. Can anyone out there help me please?? Read More

confetti salad with orange-cucumber dressing

Confetti Salad 2

Having mentioned that I have never been much of a salad person in my ramblings on Sunday evening,  and also having a huge container of baby greens in my fridge that needed using, I was inspired yesterday to make my favorite salad dressing… Ani Phyo’s Orange-Cucumber Dressing is simply amazing! Read More

spring and alfalfa sprouts

I really don’t know where to start. I have verbal (mental?) diarrhea, or whatever I should call far too many thoughts running around in my head. I just got back from my first hot yoga class in 2 months having finally recovered from two sprained ankles and a problematic knee – a long story, but suffice to say I might be clumsy! I have in front of me a salad that is so random I wouldn’t suggest you try this one at home, which is odd because I’m not a huge salad person, but that’s another story and what I really wanted to share is quite profound.

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raw vegan apple-nut porridge

Apple Nut Porridge

It’s Sunday morning and I’m hungry and totally unprepared for breakfast. Eeek! So, for the first time since it arrived in my mailbox two weeks ago, I opened Ani’s Raw Food Essentials to find some inspiration. Her Raw Food Kitchen was my first ever raw recipe book so I have a bit of a soft spot for her and she has a lot of easy recipes. Success! On page 64 I found her Apple-Nut Porridge… I just made a small modification to remove the dreaded agave… a good rule of thumb: use dates instead!!  Read More

gourmet raw vegan marinara pasta

Marinara Pasta

I had so many plans for my blog today that I had analysis paralysis. Then vegan.com posted a challenge on Facebook (well, for most if was probably a question, but I’m a competitive type of girl!) The question was ‘What’s your vegan specialty, the one meal you *really* know how to make?’ So I’m at my kitchen table jumping up and down with my hand in the air saying “pick me, pick me, I know the answer”! Read More

green smoothie. old-school banana style

Post-Yoga Banana Smoothie

My beautiful, wonderful Brisbane flatmate Mel and I used to have banana smoothies a lot. We loved them… ripe bananas, honey, vanilla, milk and scoops and scoops of full fat ice cream. Being lactose-intolerant, they made me terribly bloated and gassy but I persisted drinking them because they tasted sooo good. I tried experimenting with soy milk and soy ice cream but it was hardly recognizable… I was entirely unconvinced the old school banana smoothie could be replicated in a meaningful, satisfying way without the dairy. Read More