sesame-ginger-flax salad dressing

Simple Salad with Flax Oil

Sunday: I don’t think I’m getting enough Omega-3 in my diet. A crazy raw vegan facebook friend kindly shared a link with me recently of renowned expert in “good-for-you-fats”, Udo Eramus (watch it here). As he was going through the (very, very long) list of benefits of Omega-3, I was mentally checking off the things I really need help with right now, including increased energy levels and lighter mood, help with carbohydrate and general food cravings, digestion improved skin / hair condition and nail strength, and healing of injuries as I’m still plagued by a skiing injury from Feb 2010I had been looking at these issues independently of each other and suddenly I have hope that increasing my Omega intake will help with all of it – fingers crossed hey??

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super-savory salad

I’ve said it before – I’m not what you’d call a ‘salad person’. I hate boring food. I hate not feeling satiated. I hate feeling hungry after I’ve eaten. And I hate the ol’ lettuce and tomatoes gig so don’t really order salads when I go out. That said, I love experimenting. I know I need to love eating more greens. I love having easy lunches to throw together for work. I love arugula and baby spinach and gourmet salad ingredients. So I really should love salads, right?

All of this (and feeling totally lazy), lead me to embark on a new salad adventure. I pulled out every salad-worthy item I had  in the kitchen and proceeded to throw things in a bowl and actually love what I came up with. It’s rich and tasty and filling, so much so that I felt satisfied eating it on a rainy day… and I usually hate salads on rainy days :)

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raw vegan banana bread and/or cookies

Banana Bread

I just finished dinner and remembered I had my experimental banana cookies in the dehydrator. OMG OMG, OMG!! YUM!! Lucky I’m home alone because I groaned out loud in kind of a sexual way as I chewed my first bite… ooops ;)

Four cookies and some photography later I am satiated and can focus on a blog entry… maybe… ooops. There goes cookie #5…. and the decorative banana slices… and the walnuts… I’m a piggy!

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ode to my ceramic knife

Well truthfully, I’m not in the mood to write an ode… I am utterly devastated! I just took a big ugly chip out of my beautiful white Kyocera Santoku ceramic knife by smashing it against the rim of my Blendtec blender. Battle of the gadgets! It brought a tear to my eye.

I have been toying with the idea of writing a little something about my favorite raw foodie gadgets for a while now and if I needed more inspiration than my love of the things themselves, it’s the pain of losing one of them.

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being a Conscious Lifestyler… colon cleansing

Colon Cleanse

It’s Earth Day and Good Friday today, so when I got up this morning I felt it was going to be a good day for a colon cleanse. One, I don’t have to work so can be at home. Two, not turning the dehydrator, or the blender, or the food processor on for a day must be good for the earth. Three, I feel like it’s a good gesture to give up food for the day, being the season and all. Four, I had bread last week so am feeling a little bloated and gross. Five, I said I’d do it four times a year and missed the start of Spring. Six… it’s simply important to love your colon!!

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raw vegan tomato torte

Tomato Torte

You may have noticed I haven’t been as good with my meal plan as I intended… sorry! I have been out every night this week which made dinner redundant and preparation for lunch difficult. I did, however finally get time to put together the Tomato Torte with pesto and macadamia ricotta last night for lunch today…

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raw vegan lemon pudding

Lemon Pudding

I must admit that I’m not off the to the best start to my first meal plan… I couldn’t find a few things at the store on Saturday, forgot a few things and that, in additional to getting totally sidetracked by other things on Sunday, meant I didn’t do as much in advance as I would have liked. I did, however, get to Ani Phyo’s Luscious Lemon Pudding for my breakfast pots*.

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raw vegan meal plan #1

20120624 First Shop

The numero uno rule for being a successful, happy, stress-free raw vegan is to BE PREPARED!! Have food at the ready AT ALL TIMES. While I know this to be true, I do tend to prepare food in fits and starts. This week, not unlike a few other weeks I recall over the last 12 months, I decided that I need to be more organized… that I am going to be more organized. And I’m hoping that making a public declaration about my intentions will keep me on track!

Tonight I pulled out all my recipe books and raided the internet for inspiration for my first ever meal plan… The criteria:

  • All recipes had to be something I haven’t made before
  • Ingredients had to be somewhat transferable between recipes so stuff doesn’t go to waste
  • I needed to cover breakfast, lunch and dinner for five days
  • I had to have a green smoothie every day (and maybe some snacks)

… no more living on Pure Bars for me!

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raw vegan ‘cookies and cream’ ice cream

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

I can’t help myself! This is sooo freaking good that it had to have it’s own blog… forget crumbling chocolate cookies on top of the ice cream that may have frozen a little hard after you took it out of the ice cream maker and stored in the freezer… throw it all in a blender and pulse it until the cookie crumbles and comes together with the ice cream in holy matrimony.

Cookies and Cream… a match made in heaven…


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two minute guacamole

Two Minute Guacamole

I’m working from home today which inevitably means that I’ll spend all day eating, which is not great for the progress of my Invisalign, but what can you do?? Staring into the fridge, I spotted a ripe avocado, a few grape tomatoes, some cilantro, onion and my favorite addition to most savory dishes – Real Pickles’ Tomatillo Hot Sauce.

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