from cheese addict to raw vegan – a true story

A little notice popped up on my personal Facebook page yesterday reminding me that on this day in 2009 my status read: “Sara loves eating brie without a biscuit!”* And it’s true, I did. I ate that stuff by the round. Brie, and rich creamy blue cheese, and sharp cheddar, and crumbly fetta, and decadent goat cheese… whatever I could get my hands on, on everything, or by itself. I was well and truly addicted.

Sound familiar?

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forget joe, i love oscar the juicer

Oscar the Living Juicer is my best friend ever… or at least up there with BlendTec the Blender, Kyocera the Ceramic Knife and Squeezy the Lemon Squeezer! After a week away on vacation (which I will blog about in a foodie context soon), my wonderful man popped in to the market to get me goodies for juicing, and as I was shoving carrot after carrot I was marveling at how well dearest Oscar has lasted and what wonderful juice he makes me. Read More

raw vegan chili rose pasta sauce

Chili Rose Pasta Sauce

I’m sorry I keep harping on about my CSA deliveries but it’s the best thing ever – I love coming home on Thursday nights with my green bag of goodies! Tonight I got home a bit before 8pm, hungry. I decided to make pasta with the zucchini and summer squash and raid the fridge for inspiration for a new sauce.

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what the hell is a vitamin regimen??

I have a SAD friend, he eats the Standard American Diet and he’s my friend. He is also my sad friend because he thinks he’s ‘squishy’. He actually goes the the gym a lot and if the arms that are exposed in his t-shirt are anything to go by he looks fine to me but still, he insists he’s squishy. So yesterday’s email trail looked like this:

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community supported agriculture and salads

Marshalls Salad With Flax Dressing

Having just prepared another fresh, vibrant salad for my lunch today, using only goodies my local farmer Bob Marshall (Marshall’s Fenway Farm Stand) puts in my weekly CSA pack (Community Supported Agriculture), I had to share just how wonderful I think the concept is – and I somewhat vainly wanted to post my photo from yesterday because I like it!

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raw vegan squash chips

Squash Chips

Squash is the new potato.

I just came home to the most wonderful smell of squash chips in the dehydrator and realized, as much as I used to think I loved potato chips, they ain’t got nothing on my squash chips. I also am embarrassed that I was so confused about what to with all the squash and zucchini that I had accumulated from two weeks of CSA bags from my farmer Bob and new friends at Marshall’s Fenway Farm Stand yesterday, but it had been so long since I made these that I had totally forgotten about them!

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meat, economics, whole foods and veganism

Oooh, my first challenge! It went down on Facebook something (exactly) like this…

TJU: “Still shop at Whole Foods? WF sponsors “top butcher” competition across America! Time to go elsewhere.” {link to Clash of the Cleavers}

crazyrawvegan: “I’m not weighing in on the Whole Foods debate – people still eat meat, Whole Foods still sells it. Basic economics. The problem starts before people get to the market, wherever they shop…”

TJU: “So you’re vegan for health strictly, not for compassion for animals, right? Because when you find out you are sponsoring Whole Foods’ Meatopia AND their “Top Butcher Competition” , your response is “oh well, too bad, not my problem, I don’t buy or eat meat, that’s all I’m willing to do.”…? Just so that we’re clear.”

So, after having this in the back of my mind as I finished up a 17 hour work day in front of the computer, I feel compelled, at 1:25am, to respond. And another FB response just won’t cut it.

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raw vegan multi-grain bread

Raw Multi-Grain Bread

You don’t have to look far for reasons as to why commercial bread is not good for you… bromide (well in the US anyway, everywhere else banned it in the 90’s!), artificial preservatives, emulsifiers, additives, bleached flour which removes the goodness to make it ‘soft’ then they pump artificial goodness back in(??), SUGAR… The list goes on.

I first tried cutting back on bread a few years ago when I hypothesised that my falling asleep in business meetings after lunch (funny but very true), might be related to all the gluten I was eating in sandwiches and pastas. I stopped for a while and it worked… no more nodding off in front of clients, my hay fever (unexpectedly) cleared up, and I felt much lighter as a result. The thing was though, that I had become so good at pretending feeling full and bloated was an indication that I was full, that the gluten-free thing didn’t really last long… salads didn’t cut it!*

Yes, I realize I used to practice insanity so regularly it makes me blush.

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raw lasagna… this recipe got me to raw!


I can honestly say that Ani Phyo’s Italian Rawzania is the recipe that got me through the first few months of being raw. It’s complex, well balanced and filling and because of this, a good substitute for hot food. I have wanted to share the recipe for a long time but was experimenting with other variations, which you know didn’t work out so well if you saw my pictures of stacked lasagna without recipes because they looked better than they tasted!

However, today I’m home from work with the most awful hayfever and this has taken my mind off feeling sorry for myself, and I got some beautiful zucchinis in my CSA pack today so wanted to guarentee they’re go to a good use :)

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bean-free raw hummus

Bean-free Hummus

I think I have got to the root of my problem with raw vegan hummus… we still want to call it hummus! I have tried lots of variations to get something close to the ‘real’ thing, with and without garbanzo beans and it’s just never the same. Tonight, however I tried Raw Rose’s hummus recipe and I really liked it, if I forgot I was trying to recreate something specific in the cooked world. So I want to call it Zucchini and Sunflower Seed Dip – is that ok?

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