ode to my ceramic knife

Well truthfully, I’m not in the mood to write an ode… I am utterly devastated! I just took a big ugly chip out of my beautiful white Kyocera Santoku ceramic knife by smashing it against the rim of my Blendtec blender. Battle of the gadgets! It brought a tear to my eye.

I have been toying with the idea of writing a little something about my favorite raw foodie gadgets for a while now and if I needed more inspiration than my love of the things themselves, it’s the pain of losing one of them.

I lurve my ceramic knife!! People often ask me why I’m so attached to my knife and it really is hard to explain, but here goes:

  1. It makes me feel safe – I know this is counter-intuitive but it really does… it’s light and not too long so it’s very manageable, and the wide blade gives you lots of room for knuckles
  2. It is super-sharp so you don’t have blunt knife accidents, i.e. from sawing at food
  3. It never needs sharpening, and if it does, I don’t have to do it myself – I send it back and they’ll fix it for me!
  4. The blade comes in white – this is really not materially important but I think it’s cute :)

In comparison to our Global 8″ chef’s knife, the Kyocera is a breeze to manage and I use it all the time for everything, even julienne veges. Love, love, love. The first thing I’m going to do tomorrow is replace it!


4 Comments on “ode to my ceramic knife

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  2. I took a chunk out of mine the FIRST time I used it! Battle scars…the old dame still works well!

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