raw vegan meal plan #1

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The numero uno rule for being a successful, happy, stress-free raw vegan is to BE PREPARED!! Have food at the ready AT ALL TIMES. While I know this to be true, I do tend to prepare food in fits and starts. This week, not unlike a few other weeks I recall over the last 12 months, I decided that I need to be more organized… that I am going to be more organized. And I’m hoping that making a public declaration about my intentions will keep me on track!

Tonight I pulled out all my recipe books and raided the internet for inspiration for my first ever meal plan… The criteria:

  • All recipes had to be something I haven’t made before
  • Ingredients had to be somewhat transferable between recipes so stuff doesn’t go to waste
  • I needed to cover breakfast, lunch and dinner for five days
  • I had to have a green smoothie every day (and maybe some snacks)

… no more living on Pure Bars for me!

Trials and tribulations from actual food preparation to follow – with recipes and photos as appropriate, of course! For recipes I found on blogs, I simply provided links and credits… I’m not one for stealing ideas :)



  • Breakfast: Luscious Lemon Pudding
  • Lunch: Tomato Torta
  • Green smoothie: blueberry + strawberry + avocado + spinach
  • Dinner: Juliano’s Fettuccine Alfredo – I had to do a pasta and my knock-off of his marinara pasta is one of my favs!


  • Breakfast: Luscious Lemon Pudding – this is why I love breakfast pots!
  • Lunch: Fettuccine Alfredo
  • Green smoothie: Karyn Calabrese’s Green Meal Shake
  • Dinner: will I have Torta left?? If not, it’s probably date night and I’ll be going out…


  • Breakfast: Heather Pace’s Chocolate Chia Pudding (in pots!!)
  • Lunch: Alissa Cohen’s Cabbage Wraps – I suspect I will need to get a bit more creative with the cabbage in the future!
  • Green smoothie: banana + pear + apple + spinach
  • Dinner: No dinner per se, but will need to take snacks to a party… I need to liaise with Brooke, my fellow raw foodie and party date on this one next week!


  • Breakfast: Chocolate Chia Pudding – I can’t wait to try this!!
  • Lunch: Cabbage Wraps again… damn having to use cabbage, but I will also have leftover sauce from Thursday…
  • Green smoothie: grapes + apple + berry + spinach
  • Dinner: Elaina Love’s Spinach Mushroom Quice (from Alissa Cohen’s Living on Live Food) – this should get me through the weekend too!!

On second thoughts… I might not need as many ‘snacks’ as I have been needing with all this organized food!!

Phew. I need some sleep to prepare for a huge weekend in the kitchen!


5 Comments on “raw vegan meal plan #1

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  2. I have a hard time preparing some raw food in advance, just because it tastes so much better fresh! What sort of “prep in advance” do you do, other than buying the goods?

    • I agree, a lot of things are better fresh! I do find it helpful to have nut butters and milk handy though and salad dressing can last a few days. Some things (esp. lasagne-type stacks) also taste better a day later as the flavors combine more…

      • Those are good things to prep that I always forget and have to use packaged! I also need to dehydrate in advance, I never make those recipes because I’m never prepared!

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