chocolate mousse smoothie

Chocolate Mousse Smoothie

I typically work from home on Friday, which I love because it gives me some freedom to experiment in the kitchen, and hate because I end up spending a lot of time experimenting in the kitchen… or at least eating. And today is Friday, and it is also day 3 of an impromptu 30 day smoothie challenge thrown out into the universe by a friend of Bianca from Wholefood Simply; I jumped on board as my green smoothie intake has been a little inconsistent in recent months. It never ceases to amaze me how people I get on to green smoothies are always so much better at having them consistently than I am! Oh well, it’s nice to be spreading the love.

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spring time!

Spring Haul

The sun is out, birds are chirping, people have smiles on (yes, even in Boston). I’m mostly stuck inside working and/or studying as I have finals this week for macro economics (I have no smiles for that) and a social media / technology course (which I love, obviously), yet I’m already feeling lighter, happier and more carefree  than I have in six months.. I find winter sooo hard!

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wild mushroom risotto

Wild Mushroom Risotto

I have been so busy/stressed/uninspired lately that cooking at home, let alone new recipes has been but a figment of my imagination, but after a long, boring day studying macro economics I was craving a distraction so pursued the cupboards and dragged myself to the market to get some fresh goodies. As a vegetarian, I used to make a great mushroom and blue cheese risotto and have always wondered whether I could make a worthy vegan substitute… turns out I could, and I did, with a little help from Joseph Shuldiner and Pure Vegan for the base and my own modifications. It even got the omnivore stamp of approval :)

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superfood açaí pots

Sambazon Superfood Acai Pots

Today is the first ever National Açaí Bowl Day! I think this is just the cutest idea ever as I lurve açaí bowls – I became addicted after discovering them at a vegan food truck in Hawaii just before I jumped out of my first plane (which I also lurved!) so have very fond memories.

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chocolate-banana ice cream cake

Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Right or wrong, I always have chocolate on the brain on Easter Sunday. No more eggs hunts for me, but I am going to try and hunt down some egg-shaped avocados to remake this raw vegan chocolate ice cream cake this afternoon.

I first made this sometime last year and copied down the recipe but can’t for the life of me remember where I found the original (or find it again) so my most humble apologies to anyone out there to whom this sounds familiar… it is out of utmost respect and love that I share this with others :)

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chronicles of no-poo


Two weeks ago I, a wash/dry/style-hair-daily, mane-obsessed Leo, went no-poo. That is, I ditched my beloved Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner (and leave-in conditioner, and volumizer, and hair oil, and hair spray) and started using  bicarb soda and apple vinegar. Straight-up. No joke.

The purported benefits of no-poo is that it regulates your oil production as it doesn’t strip your hair like regular shampoo and conditioner. This stripping encourages oil production and your hair gets oily and needs washing more frequently, and so on, in a vicious circle.

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mum’s honor green juice

Green Juice Saturday

It’s my mum’s birthday today so my morning juice is in her honor (I’m sorry to mix Australian and US English in this sentence but I can’t quite bring myself to type ‘mom’, it doesn’t feel right!) She started juicing a lifetime ago and does it religiously every morning… even since she moved to Vietnam – if only I could be so good. When I was younger and stayed with her she’d make it for me, and while it took a while to get used to things like beetroot and parsley in a drink it always made me feel great. It’s a magically refreshing, re-energizing way to start your day. It’s also why she doesn’t get sick very often even though she’s a school principal.

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kick the caffeine with beautiful herbal teas


I love black tea, my father is British after all and it was the proper thing to do in Tasmania, Australia where I grew up as a child – heavily influenced by British due to Port Arthur and such back in the day I suppose… freshly brewed loose-leaf tea, and scones with loads of jam and cream… I’d like to pretend it was all about the tea, but who am I kidding?!

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colon cleansing deconstructed

Colon Cleanse_1

Following my mention of ‘colon’ on my crazyrawvegan facebook page last week, my boyfriend informed my that the c-word make him “throw up a little bit in his mouth”. Needless to say, a great debate ensued… I personally think it’s important to embrace your colon as the vital organ it is; he, on the other hand would like to prefer it didn’t exist. Or at the very least, that I called it something more socially acceptable, like ‘poop chute’. Given I’m a little competitive, any feedback on which side of the fence you sit on would be much appreciated :)

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banana & strawberry crêpes


Banana and Strawberry Crepes

A wonderful friend of mine was teasing me this morning when I posted a blog for cheese sauce on Shrove Tuesday instead of a raw vegan pancake recipe. I promised to do some research but I didn’t have time to do the required dehydrating to try a new recipe so I’m pulling out a draft recipe I started writing back in 2010 for the occasion. It’s also a good reminder to make these again soon, as I do remember them being really good!

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