kick the caffeine with beautiful herbal teas


I love black tea, my father is British after all and it was the proper thing to do in Tasmania, Australia where I grew up as a child – heavily influenced by British due to Port Arthur and such back in the day I suppose… freshly brewed loose-leaf tea, and scones with loads of jam and cream… I’d like to pretend it was all about the tea, but who am I kidding?!

Living in London years later, I thought I’d died and gone to scone, ahem, tea, heaven. There were beautiful little tea places everywhere. And while I made the move into green tea then, I still couldn’t quite work out how people drank hot water with flowers in it, as pretty as it looked. Then, the more I learned about caffeine and noticed the addicting effects it had on me the more I turned to decaffeinated tea. Then, the more I learned about how tea is decaffeinated (here’s a good article by Teas etc. if you’re interested), the less I was interested in consuming something that had been chemically treated.

Hence, my new ‘addition’ to hot water with flowers in it! There are a lot of good tea places around with loose leaf teas – I love the process of making tea so try and rarely use tea bags, but if you get them look for ‘caffeine-free’ not ‘decaffeinated’ teas. And if you happen to be in Grand Central Station as I was a few weeks ago, check out the Spices and Tease stand – it’s beautiful to look at, they’re super helpful, and they have so many caffeine-free options you could spend a paycheck there! You can also buy through them online although they don’t have the pre-mixed concoctions they have in store.

Go experiment!

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