colon cleansing deconstructed

Colon Cleanse_1

Following my mention of ‘colon’ on my crazyrawvegan facebook page last week, my boyfriend informed my that the c-word make him “throw up a little bit in his mouth”. Needless to say, a great debate ensued… I personally think it’s important to embrace your colon as the vital organ it is; he, on the other hand would like to prefer it didn’t exist. Or at the very least, that I called it something more socially acceptable, like ‘poop chute’. Given I’m a little competitive, any feedback on which side of the fence you sit on would be much appreciated :)

That being said, in a previous life I was so anti-anything to do with bums, poop, farts or most other other bodily functions (yes, burping was another one), that my [female] flatmate  used to tease me about it! So I guess I  understand but now I know more about the benefits of a healthy colon and happy poops I’m actually quite happy to talk about it.

A while back, I posted a general blog on cleansing here, which has a lot of links to other resources. This time, I thought I’d break down the process, the preparing and doing the cleanse part, not the actual physical cleansing part, for those people who want to understand it better. Do keep in mind that this is one person’s preference, having experimented with a whole lot of ways to eat the stuff – I like it as a drink. You should also experiment to find your preference if this doesn’t work for you – Tyler Tolman has a great video on how he makes it more like a porridge.

Colon Cleanse_2

Step 1: Planning

  • Find four days that you can be at home, particularly for the last two days the first time around; after that I find it takes 1-2 days (at least if you eat cleanly in the meantime). If you can’t be at home, you will need access to lots of filtered water and the ability to prepare it every two hours, five times a day.
  • Buy the Conscious Lifestyler cleanse well in advance of your scheduled time
  • Find jar with a leak-proof lid (I love big mason jars and they have measures on them which is handy), and a tablespoon measure

Step 2: Mindset

  • Once you have everything, get excited! I found the most challenging this the first time around was my mental state – I felt like I was giving something up (food), but it’s really about gaining something (health) and I find that helps.

Colon Cleanse_3

Step 3: Preparation

  • You will need:
    • Warm water for initial mixing
    • Filtered water for consistency
    • Sweetener is optional but I find it really difficult without it – I use ~1 small spoon of  raw, unfiltered, local, sustainable honey as I find it preferable to processed agave but it’s up to you and your vegan preferences….
    • I add the honey to the jar with a big dash of warm water and stir to dissolve
    • Add desired amount of room temperature water – I use ~12oz  / 40ooml as I like it more as a drink, which is why I like the measure on mason jars, you can also mix more as a porridge as eat it with a spoon but I have consistency issues with that :S

Step 4: Mixing / Drinking (this needs to happy quickly!)

  • Have the lid at the ready and add 1-2 tbls of the the clay mix depending on your weight (>75kg = 2tbls, <75kg =1 tbls)
  • Close the lid and shake vigorously for a few seconds – long enough to break up any lumps but not too long it starts to thicken
  • CHUG!* As quickly as you can.

Step 5: Hydrating

  • Drink 1 liter of water in the next two hour period… see note below on chugging to help you get through this

Repeat steps 3-5 every two hours, five times a day for four days, or until you get ‘movement’… but that’s the part I’m not talking about ;)

Phew! It’s a challenge, but it’s totally worth it.

Colon Cleanse_4

Would love to hear from others that have done this type of cleanse… any additional ideas and suggestions would be great.

Happy colons!


* As an aside, learning to chug water has been a lifesaver. I find if I have a glass of water sitting around I can make it last all day, then my wonderful bf suggested I chug it all down straight away and get it over with. It took some time to embrace it but I now drink so much more water – I drink half a liter at a time and refill every time I go to the bathroom – it’s genius! I easily get in 3 liters a day.

5 Comments on “colon cleansing deconstructed

  1. Thank you for posting this! I don’t know when I’ll do a cleanse but I want to imagine what it’s like first before I do it, so this post helps. Is going to the bathroom like a normal feeling, a panicked sick feeling, or worse? xo

  2. I didn’t want to go there but since you asked… ;)

    My experience the first time was that no ‘movement’ happened until the evening of the third day(and by then I had been 100% raw for some time so had already done a lot of detoxing so that might be longer for other people).

    On the evening of the third day I happened to be at a Scissor Sisters concert when things started moving – not recommended! That created a little panicked sick feeling but mostly from being in public- eeek .

    Anyway, essentially what happens over the first three days is that the clay mix build up in your intestines and extracts and absorbs all the nasties. So you can imagine kind of what would happen on the other end. It happens rather quickly at first but it goes through the fourth day so suggest being home both of those days.

    Getting rid of the water on the other hand, was a very normal experience – I was at work for days 1+2.and it all worked out well, although you get some detox symptoms like headaches and fatigue.

    Good luck! Happy to answer any other questions you may have.

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  4. You actսally make it appear reallƴ easy along with yοur ρresentation howeverr I in
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    It seemѕ too complicated and very bгߋad for me. I am looking forward tto yօur next post, I will try to
    get the hang of it!

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