supercharged lemon water

Supercharged Lemon Water

There are three things I recommend to people who eat a SAD diet and complain about feeling sick / bloated / stuffy / generally miserable /  etc…

  1. Start the day with warm lemon water
  2. Make fresh juice every day and / or
  3. Embrace green smoothies

It doesn’t seem to matter if they continue their regular diet; any of these additions, or combinations of the above,  seems to produce great results. Plus it means I can help people with out going anywhere near the words ‘vegan’, ‘raw’, ‘food’ or ‘diet’, which have the potential to be ticking time bombs that derail a perfectly good conversation about improving everyday health and happiness. And it often means that they start the day off feeling so good that they start to change other aspects of their diet over time too. Win-win-win!

So if you don’t already start your day with warm lemon water, I recommend you start tomorrow. If you already do, I suggest you consider supercharging the standard warm water + lemon juice combo.

I have read about various combinations over the years and have played with stirring in cayenne pepper, or turmeric and water infused with ginger but the spices just floated around on the top, and infusing water with fresh ginger took too long for what should be a quick morning routine one is happy to do as soon as they roll out of bed. Enter my beautiful, wonderful friend Dana – one of my biggest fans, and a true experimenter in the kitchen. I had the honor of spending a glorious Fourth of July on Martha’s Vineyard with her, and she shared her latest technique to improve the old lemon water routine and has let me share her genius with y’all ; )


  • 8-12oz filtered water
  • Dash hot water from kettle to make it warm – this aids digestion and smoothes the lemon tartness
  • Juice of 1/2 – 1 organic lemon, depending on size and juiciness (I highly recommend this lemon squeezer)
  • Knob fresh ginger – start small and increase as your tolerance (love?!) for the burning ginger sensation builds
  • Dash of cayenne pepper, or turmeric, or whatever floats your boat (this is my addition)


  • Put all ingredients in your blender and blend on a whole juice setting (Dana and I both use BlendTec which works a treat on the ginger)
  • Drink with a straw, preferably glass, to minimize acidic exposure to your teeth
  • Start your day feeling cleansed and nourished!


2 Comments on “supercharged lemon water

  1. I am going to buy some Cayenne today for tomorrow’s juice. Yummy! I find myself craving this ginger/lemon delight and I have even made it before bed in addition to first thing in the morning.

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