grapples juice

Grape + Apple Juice

My boyfriend is on the juice fast wagon!! And I’m back on it too… that’s a longer story for another post though.  We started his day 1 this morning (my day 11) as he has five days before he travels for work again so is going to see how he finds it.

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green energizer juice

Green Energizer Juice

On day 6 when I realized I needed more vegetables than fruit to boost my alkalinity I got online and bought Drew Canole’s book Juice Recipes from Fitlife. If you haven’t checked out Drew’s work, I suggest you to – he’s huge in the juicing space and making a world of difference to a lot of people through his support of fasting.

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juice fast journal: day 7

Day 7_Vitamin D

I made it!! This is the last day of my seven day, Tyler Tolman online juice fast – I can’t really believe it! Firstly, I need to send out a huge thank you to the 1,100-odd members of the Facebook community that provided overwhelming support to me and each other; simply amazing conversations and a wonderful open forum for all things, happy, bad, sad, and joyous about juice fasting and detoxing.

And much love and respect to Tyler, his amazing wife Rachelle and their stellar team for being online what felt like 24-7 to provide expert guidance. I can’t wait to do one a live session in Bali!!

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pineapple-grapefruit juice

Pineapple Grapefruit Juice

This juice was a bit of an evolutionary process. I had a grapefruit I needed to use and was running low on fresh produce so I started adding in things a little randomly. I had added all the ingredients below except the pineapple and was very short of the 1 liter I need for my morning juice fast juice. It was also very grapefruity!

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juice fast journal: day 6

Drew Canole Juice Recipes from Fitlife

Well, it’s 7:30am on day 7 but I don’t want to skip any days  in my juice fast journal, so here goes…

Yesterday (Saturday) started off fantastically – I had a bit of a sleep in, did my oil pulling, had my lemon water, and created a new Pineapple-Grapefruit juice recipe. I had lots of energy and got a lot done around the house… as much as I should have gone for a run!

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strawberry greens juice

Strawberry Greens Juice

I’m trying very hard to mix up my vegetables on my seven day juice fast – I could have three liters of juice with 6lbs of carrots a day if I’m not careful… I don’t want to turn orange : )

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juice fast journal: day 5

Day 5 Juice Haul

Eeek! I was in a bit of a funk today, which was a little extra depressing given the last four days have been so wonderful. However, it’s reassuring to know that the juice fast wasn’t giving me any crazy kind of superpowers that resulted in all that energy I had : )

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beet juice


If you read my Day 3 juice fast journal, you’ll know that my beet juice caused quite the bathroom commotion, but despite that, I really did like the concoction – sweet but not overwhelming, and damn full of goodness for your body… and who doesn’t love goodness for their body?!

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juice fast journal: day 4

Day 4 River Run

Well, it’s official… I made it through day 4! My longest juice fast ever. Actually, I think I achieved that last night but tonight it feels more definite. So much happened today I’m not sure where to start, so perhaps in typical journal style, I’ll start at the beginning…

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juice fast journal: day 3

Beet + Stem Juice

Well… you really don’t want a photo of my experience today. Let’s just say that I hit the ‘cleanse’ part of this little juice fast and it wasn’t (isn’t) pretty; however healthy it may be. The funny thing is that it caught me totally by surprise. Colon cleanses come with instructions to ‘stay at home on day 4’ but the juice fast didn’t come with such instruction. I hadn’t had so much success with previous juice fasts as to experience this before but guess I should be happy I’m getting it (quite literally) “out of the way” early on : S

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