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peachy rise & shine smoothie

Honestly, I can’t remember what day of the 30 day Wholefood Simply smoothie challenge we’re on but I’m loving it! A lot of ‘firsts’ for me: last week I smoothied vegetables that weren’t leafy greens (beet and celery) in one of my new favorite… Continue Reading “peachy rise & shine smoothie”

chocolate mousse smoothie

I typically work from home on Friday, which I love because it gives me some freedom to experiment in the kitchen, and hate because I end up spending a lot of time experimenting in the kitchen… or at least eating. And today is Friday,… Continue Reading “chocolate mousse smoothie”

mum’s honor green juice

It’s my mum’s birthday today so my morning juice is in her honor (I’m sorry to mix Australian and US English in this sentence but I can’t quite bring myself to type ‘mom’, it doesn’t feel right!) She started juicing a lifetime ago and… Continue Reading “mum’s honor green juice”

kick the caffeine with beautiful herbal teas

I love black tea, my father is British after all and it was the proper thing to do in Tasmania, Australia where I grew up as a child – heavily influenced by British due to Port Arthur and such back in the day I… Continue Reading “kick the caffeine with beautiful herbal teas”

ginger green juice

A quick, easy juice that smells as fresh as spring and looks as scary green as The Hulk… it’s my new favorite! It’s nothing especially fancy, but, as a facebook friend noted, “sometimes tossing in “whatever” needs some uniformity!” Don’t make juicing harder than it… Continue Reading “ginger green juice”

boston mango smoothie

I still remember the first time I tried a mango – I was about 12, living in Australia and had just moved from Tasmania to Queensland with my family. My aunt had a box of big, juicy, Bowen mangoes (native to Bowen, Queensland and the best mangoes ever!).… Continue Reading “boston mango smoothie”

kiwi-açai-berry smoothie

I discovered Sambazon’s frozen organic Açai smoothie packs at Whole PayCheck last week and am in lurve! It’s super tasty, packed full of antioxidant goodness and makes your smoothies nice and cold with no need for ice. I just got home from a great weekend yoga… Continue Reading “kiwi-açai-berry smoothie”

banana + hemp smoothie

Last night I bought a lettuce and a bunch of bananas… This morning I have a green breakfast! Who said this was difficult?… so read my FB page on Sunday morning, accompanied by a photo of my thick delicious green smoothie.

joe’s mean green juice

I broke my cuke-juice virginity today! Very exciting :) I started with Joe’s mean green juice from Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and the Reboot Program but can’t wait to also try some of the suggestions my facebook friends provided, so stay tuned…

peach + berry puree smoothie

It is hot and overcast in Boston today with a 60% chance of thunderstorms… not a good day for a 4hr return trip to Six Flags, much to my disappointment – it is my birthday after all. After the initial disappointment I actually embraced… Continue Reading “peach + berry puree smoothie”