boston mango smoothie


I still remember the first time I tried a mango – I was about 12, living in Australia and had just moved from Tasmania to Queensland with my family. My aunt had a box of big, juicy, Bowen mangoes (native to Bowen, Queensland and the best mangoes ever!). She showed me how to cut the cheeks off, mark them into cubes, and push the skin in-side-out to suck the flesh out… then I got to the seed… juice dripping down my face and arms; the essence of the tropics. Bliss.*

Fast forward 20 years (eeek!) and I’ve moved to the other side of the world. Boston, like many places, doesn’t have mangoes  It tries; but the fresh ones imported from somewhere that’s not Bowen are just not the same, and the frozen ones are not mind-blowing either. That being said, I recently decided to put nostalgia in it’s place and move on; change my expectations… they are still very good for me (see this great article for a summary), even if they’re not from Bowen.


  • 2 cups organic fresh mango if you’re lucky enough to have it; I used a 10 oz packet of frozen, organic mango
  • 1 ripe, organic banana
  • 1 organic Boston lettuce (or iceberg)
  • 2 cups water
  • 10 drops Stevia


Blend until smooth.


* If you have never had the opportunity to have this kind of experience, this cute kid from Haiti, really sums it up perfectly!

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