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supercharged lemon water

There are three things I recommend to people who eat a SAD diet and complain about feeling sick / bloated / stuffy / generally miserable /  etc… Start the day with warm lemon water Make fresh juice every day and / or Embrace green… Continue Reading “supercharged lemon water”

mum’s honor green juice

It’s my mum’s birthday today so my morning juice is in her honor (I’m sorry to mix Australian and US English in this sentence but I can’t quite bring myself to type ‘mom’, it doesn’t feel right!) She started juicing a lifetime ago and… Continue Reading “mum’s honor green juice”

ginger green juice

A quick, easy juice that smells as fresh as spring and looks as scary green as The Hulk… it’s my new favorite! It’s nothing especially fancy, but, as a facebook friend noted, “sometimes tossing in “whatever” needs some uniformity!” Don’t make juicing harder than it… Continue Reading “ginger green juice”

joe’s mean green juice

I broke my cuke-juice virginity today! Very exciting :) I started with Joe’s mean green juice from Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and the Reboot Program but can’t wait to also try some of the suggestions my facebook friends provided, so stay tuned…

wheatgrass and juicy oranges

It must have been a good 6 months since I last juiced wheatgrass! On Saturday I have my first trip to the store since my snowboarding accident so I got to pick up stuff that jumps out at me rather than pre-preparing a list,… Continue Reading “wheatgrass and juicy oranges”

blackberry and kiwi pulp

The sun is shining today and I actual felt like juice this morning – happy days! I have been in a bit of a health food funk at the moment, and despite loving juice and smoothies, and finally acquiring a taste for salads, and… Continue Reading “blackberry and kiwi pulp”

apple + ginger juice

After quite the hiatus, I’m a little sorry to say my first blog is about one of the most simple pleasures… apple juice. On the flip side, maybe that’s exactly the right entrance point for me. Having a broken ankle is making exciting new… Continue Reading “apple + ginger juice”

peach and kiwi pulp

This drink turned out so much better than the juice I intended it to be… it came out all chunky and smoothie-like and turned out to be a very satisfying breakfast yesterday in lieu of the buckwheat porridge that was a total disaster even though I… Continue Reading “peach and kiwi pulp”

energy juice

I’m running a little behind on my morning schedule because I promised myself I’d make a new juice and then it was soooo good that I just had to share it so here I am, prioritizing raw food over work, again  :)

blackberry-kiwi juice

Hurricane Irene is battering Boston today and we ventured out into the wind and rain this morning for a walk! I didn’t have breakfast before we left, so hungry and wet on our return, I whipped up some blackberry-kiwi juice for what is now… Continue Reading “blackberry-kiwi juice”