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blackberry-kiwi juice

Hurricane Irene is battering Boston today and we ventured out into the wind and rain this morning for a walk! I didn’t have breakfast before we left, so hungry and wet on our return, I whipped up some blackberry-kiwi juice for what is now… Continue Reading “blackberry-kiwi juice”

apple-pineapple-ginger juice

try your juice before you take it to work and rely on it for your daily sustenance! Especially if you have never tried it before :) The apple-beet-carrot combination didn’t really work for me. I don’t know what I did wrong – too much… Continue Reading “apple-pineapple-ginger juice”

apple-beet-carrot juice

Day 2 and I’m feeling great! Lemon water again to start the day and after an hour I’m still not hungry so going to finish my cantaloupe juice from last night for breakfast on the way in to work. I just made a liter… Continue Reading “apple-beet-carrot juice”

apple-cantaloupe-kale-chard juice

“Oh my gosh… I had a very, very naughty nap and woke up soooooo HUNGRY! I am secretly wishing my man will bring me back a portobello burrito from town despite me telling him not too but know he won’t, so I’m going to… Continue Reading “apple-cantaloupe-kale-chard juice”

ABCs juice

So today wasn’t the best environment in which to start a juice fast, but that’s life hey?! I was facilitating an offsite for work with a catered lunch and it was difficult for me to be drinking red juice all day so I did… Continue Reading “ABCs juice”