wheatgrass and juicy oranges

Wheatgrass Shots

It must have been a good 6 months since I last juiced wheatgrass! On Saturday I have my first trip to the store since my snowboarding accident so I got to pick up stuff that jumps out at me rather than pre-preparing a list, and the wheatgrass was definitely jumping into my cart! Excitement :)

I had forgotten how good it is to wake up in the morning and have a refreshing shot of the green goodness, chased by a fresh wedge of orange. So much so that I stood over the sink and ate the whole orange with my hands, juice dripping everywhere, just like you do as a child. Bliss. Kids know how to eat food.

If you are considering buying a juicer, do look into masticating juicers that can do wheatgrass – they’re worth the extra investment for the enjoyment you get out of it, and your body will thank you.

Viva wheatgrass!


7 Comments on “wheatgrass and juicy oranges

  1. Yum! I’ve been thinking about getting one of those ‘manual’ wheat grass juicers – for now it’s Amazing Grass :-)

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  3. I don’t know anything about wheat grass, but I hear it’s good for you. Can you blend up wheat grass? Like in a vita-mix? Would you be able to get the same effect from it?

  4. It is good for you TA. Rumor has it that you can blend in a blender like a VitaMix or Blendtec because they are powerful enough (and designed in such a way) that they will break it down and help you digest it. Can’t taste great though but here are some wheatgrass smoothie recipes out there you could try – do a good search.

    Mostly, it’s suggested that you juice it. Remember cows need four stomachs to digest grass!

  5. I just love my wheatgrass with a slice of fresh orange. Nice blog. Thanks! Raw Chef Dosa

  6. Wheatgrass is the elixir of the gods…the host of health benefits are AMAZING. Hippocrates Health Inst in W Palm Beach Florida uses it and sings it praises. Great stuff!!! nom nom nom

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