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watermelon + pear green smoothie

Wow! It’s been soooo long since I’ve done a blog, sorry peeps. Today I was so excited about my green smoothie though that I just had to share. To be fair, it’s not often I make a green smoothie I’m excited about so this… Continue Reading “watermelon + pear green smoothie”

green + gold smoothie

I would have felt much better about making this smoothie back home in Australia during summer, with fresh local ingredients, than during winter in Boston with fruits from far, far, away… but I needed a pick-me-up and since I don’t have time for a… Continue Reading “green + gold smoothie”

mimi kirk’s dark cacao milkshake (v, gf)

Oh my goodness! Ever since I saw Mimi Kirk’s video demonstration of her very decadent dark cacao milkshake I have been waiting to have two avocados lying around  to try it. Today was the day, and with being at home a little under the… Continue Reading “mimi kirk’s dark cacao milkshake (v, gf)”

strawberry (nut)milkshake

I’ve been dancing around the kitchen to Rave On Buddy Holly (a new release cover album) since early this morning preparing food in advance of the Fourth of July long weekend. I’ve been tasting everything as I go so wasn’t super hungry for breakfast but… Continue Reading “strawberry (nut)milkshake”

karyn’s green meal shake

I have made the Green Meal Shake from Karyn Calabrese’s Soak Your Nuts detox book many times since I got it but have never had it first thing in the morning as she suggests… It changed my entire day! I usually eat a lot… Continue Reading “karyn’s green meal shake”

green smoothie. old-school banana style

My beautiful, wonderful Brisbane flatmate Mel and I used to have banana smoothies a lot. We loved them… ripe bananas, honey, vanilla, milk and scoops and scoops of full fat ice cream. Being lactose-intolerant, they made me terribly bloated and gassy but I persisted… Continue Reading “green smoothie. old-school banana style”